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Released: 2007
Director: Kendo
Notes: Dreamlight Studios
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Running time: 92 mins.

When it comes to Eroto-fetish movies, Britain can rightly claim to have some of the world's greatest directors. Kendo, in this dark and slightly menacing film for Dreamlight's Deviant Dream series, proves the point.

In a squalid and stained surgery, Elizabeth waits in the dental chair in her tight black latex dress. A white faced Jay, the perverted dentist from hell, prepares to start work. Clamping open her mouth, Jay squeezes Elizabeth's tits before starting work with his dildo drill. Pulling up Elizabeth's dress, Jay slips a latex clad finger into her pussy. She squirms in the seat. Opening his pants, Elizabeth gags on his dick as it's fed into her mouth. Getting her to kneel, he prises open her pussy and pushes in his prick. Taking her place on the chair, the deviant dentist slams Elizabeth onto his shaft. Legs splayed, Jay continues to thrust into Elizabeth, but she needs more fillings. A black plug is shoved into her pussy. Elizabeth flexes her muscles and it flies out! A funnel in her mouth and Jay empties his jizz. His work on Elizabeth is over...

For the final scene, Antonia is dressed from head-to-toe in tight blue latex. Masked and seated, Stefan Hard shares her dingy dungeon. Rubbing her rubber clad body over his, Antonia unzips the crotch of her outfit and slips a buzzing vibrator into her hole. Stefan watches, tugging at his shaft. Kneeling, Antonia's tongue flicks out over his head. Her fingers grab his rod. Stefan sits motionless as her head slowly bobs. Standing up, Stefan hammers his dick into Antonia from behind, his balls bouncing against her pierced clit. He reclaims his seat and Antonia sits on his lap. She peels down her top. It hangs from her hips like a shed blue skin as she rides him. Turning Antonia upside down, Stefan pile drives her pussy. She drops onto all fours to be taken doggy. Stefan coats her latex covered bum with his cream.

Reminiscent of his Pantyhose Seduction but not as gory, this is Kendo at his best. Rubber clad girls in padded cells, Diane Gold in a cage surrounded by dildos, sexy Antonia in her rubber and of course, Elizabeth with her strange dentistry filling. All very weird and all compulsive watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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