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Released: 2007
Director: Hervé Bodilis
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
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Running time: 83 mins.

Marc Dorcel and director Herve Bodilis have reached the 8th lesson in their series about one of Europe's elite finishing schools, the Russian Institute. Glamorous girls from all over the continent, including Sarah Twain, Ellen Saint, Jennifer Stone and Jamie Brooks, have been sent to further their education, but they spend more time having sex with the staff and other students than actually learning.

A number of short scenes precede Jamie Brooks' appearance, with girls indulging in initiation ceremonies in the lecture theatre and shagging the stable lad in the woods.

Kept back after lessons, Jamie finds herself in the classroom with two other girls. Teacher Sarah Twain is going to tell them about anatomy. She calls in a male member of staff and starts off with the cock. The girls watch intently as she takes it into her mouth. Lying on the desk, the teacher slips down her black knickers. Jamie takes the dick between her lips and swallows as the other girls help Sarah strip. With the wet prick eased into Sarah's pussy, the three girls kiss and caress her body. Jamie rubs the front of her tights, getting them moist. As the teacher manoeuvres the cock into her arse, Jamie leans forward to finger and tongue them both. Opening her mouth wide, the guy shoots his spunk over Jamie's face. The lesson is over for today.

Marc Dorcel are one of Europe's top producers and when you watch this film it's easy to understand why. In their white blouses, red plaid skirts and blazers, the cast for the film is huge. Ten girls are listed in the credits and almost twice the number appear in non-sex roles. The scenarios for the eight scenes are carefully crafted and the action, though short, is brilliantly shot. For French film making at its best, starring some of Europe's hottest and most beautiful girls, Russian Institute Lesson 8 is hard to beat.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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