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Released: 2006
Director: Roman Pornanski
Notes: Metro / Cal Vista
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 105 mins.

During the late 1950's, Betty Page was the pinup of the fetish fraternity. With her jet black hair, tight corsets and seamed stockings, she both stunned and shocked. Those who get this Cal Vista movie hoping it will pay homage to her sexy style will be sorely disappointed. The film is a mish mash of badly acted and badly produced vignettes, which fail to hang together. Dark haired Darla Crane plays Betty and at first glance she bears some resemblance. But that's all that can be said about her.

Isabel Ice appears in the first scene, which appears to be put in the film as a filler at the start!! Arriving at a garage her car has broken down. Her purse empty, she has other ways to pay for her car to be fixed. Unbuttoning the mechanics overalls she pulls out his cock and swallows. Her lips reach the base of the shaft and her tongue laps at his balls. The guy reaches forward to finger her fanny as he fucks Isabel's throat. She smears the wet dick over her face and tits. Pinning the mechanic against the car, Isabel guides his dick into her pussy Hanging from his neck, she bangs hard against his body. Throwing down a red mat, Isabel lies down, pulling at her lips as he thrusts in deep. She stands. Grabbing her bum cheeks she takes him up her arse. A second mechanic appears. Isabel probes her tonsils with his dick as she is fucked. He soon cums in her mouth. Stuffing four fingers into her fanny, she bangs back onto the guy's manhood. Spinning round, he showers Isabel's face in spunk.

The rest of the scenes in the film are fairly dire. Arms and legs of camera crew appear. The girls speak their lines as if they were having difficulty in remembering what to say. And in one scene, the action is accompanied by the asthmatic wheeze of the sound man. The film is not a fitting tribute to such a great early star.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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