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Released: 2006
Director: Catman
Notes: Rude Britannia / Soho Book Shop
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Running time: 144 mins.

The Soho Book Shop is one of the latest entrants into the world of adult films with Red Light London, a collaboration with Rude Britannia. It's therefore hardly surprising that the shops feature so heavily in the outdoor scene setting shots. Don't just think the film is one long plug. With five great girls and photography by Kendo this is a seriously good first film from them.

Pascal is wandering around the streets when he spots a sign for a model. Entering the flat he finds Alexis in her black PVC and long leather boots sitting on the bed. Reaching out, she laps at his cock. Whip in hand, Alexis then flicks at Pascal's body. His dick slowly disappears into her mouth. She turns to rub her damp cunt against his chest and her big boobs gently sway as she sucks. Stripped, Alexis ties Pascal to the bed, then blindfolds him, before slipping her pussy down his manhood. As she grinds against his balls, he releases his hand to play with her tits. She spins round while they bonk. Lying on her side, Alexis's face glistens as Pascal pushes his prick in her pussy. Teasing herself she shoves three fingers in her fanny, then falls flat on the bed. Pascal pounds her pussy and her stomach muscles twitch with each stroke. He pulls out to coat Alexis's wobbling tits in cream.

Dougie wanders round a sex shop buying toys. Back on the street he enters a seedy looking door and climbs the stairs. Claire and Alexis are waiting for business. Kneeling on the bed the girls rub their big breasts together as they kiss. Claire removes Alexis's black bra to bite at her nipples. Dougie watches transfixed as a boob pops out of Claire's tight white dress. Alexis helps peel the dress down and buries her head in the cleavage. Knickers pulled to one side, Claire laps at Alexis's pussy. The two swivel round to 69 as Dougie tugs at his dick. He has a present for the girls - a double ended dildo. They shove it in their pussies and work themselves together. A strap-on is next out of Dougie's bag. Buckling it up, Alexis gets Claire to deep throat it before it enters her pussy. The girls swap - Alexis wants to ride the plastic prick. The two turn their attention to Dougie. Claire's tongue darts over the head of his cock while Alexis goes for his nut sack. Dougie's hands wander over their tits and the two lie back to be fucked. Claire works her pussy over Dougie's face while Alexis dances reverse cowgirl on his dick. Movement around the bed sees Claire with a cock in her arse being taken spoons. Dougie can't hold back and jets his cum over the girls' faces. They lap it up.

Pascal has brought Tony along to the flat and is met by Claire in a silver one-piece. Having been introduced to the girls, the boys opt for Chelsea in her white baby doll negligee and Frankie in her sexy black see-through lingerie. Undoing Pascal's pants, Frankie grabs his cock. He fingers her pussy as she drools on his dick. Tony sits with Chelsea's fanny planted in his face. With panties pulled to one side, Chelsea leans over to lick Frankie's clit as Tony takes her from behind. The girls 69. They taste each other's juices as the guys cram their cocks into cunts. Changing boys the two mount their stallions and ride cowgirl. Frankie turns on her side for some anal action while Chelsea satisfies herself with sucking. Finally the boys cover the girls' faces with cream as they kiss.

Introductions over, Merlin has selected trim blonde Lolita from girls in the flat. She stands in her red plaid mini skirt and white stockings, her fingers stroking her knickers. She joins Merlin on the sofa and produces a bright blue vibrator. Her pussy drips as she slides it into her hole. Merlin helps her masturbate, lapping at the juices as the toy slips in and out. Kneeling, Lolita wraps her lips around Merlin's wand and starts to wank. Her fingers play with his balls and he caresses her pert breasts. White knickers pulled to one side, Lolita lowers herself onto Merlin's cock. Her body gently gyrates as she works in his length. Turning to be taken reverse, Lolita moans with each thrust of Merlin's cock into her pussy. She arches her back as she orgasms. On all fours the pair bang away doggy. Merlin fires his load over her bum.

Warren sits passively while Claire and Chelsea smear their pussies with lube and share a double ended dildo. Moving between Chelsea's fishnet clad legs, Claire laps at her clit. Warren joins the two on the bed and the girls lick at his dick. The toy removed, Chelsea eases Warren's tool into her smoothly-shaven snatch, Claire wanks beside her on the maroon silk sheets. Warren changes his allegiance and starts to shag Claire. Chelsea presses her clit against his nose as he laps at her pussy lips. Chelsea lies on her side to be taken spoons. Claire climbs between the pair, her tongue flicking at the fucking couple. Warren jerks himself off over the girls' faces.

Tony and Dougie are the last clients of the day at the flat. Alexis awaits on the sofa in her fishnet body stocking and blindfold The boys fondle her boobs through the black netting. Alexis reaches out for their cocks then peels down her top to give them a tit wank. Dougie dribbles on her pussy and probes it with his tongue while Alexis stuffs Tony's prick in her mouth. Wriggling and squirming the boys tickle her feet. She slips off the blindfold and stops them by sucking dick. With Tony down her throat, Alexis bounces away on Dougie's cock. She turns to be spit roasted doggy style. As her tits sway, Dougie guides his cheb into her arse and juices drip from her cunt. Moving on top of Tony, Alexis sticks his prick in her bum and bangs hard. The boys shower Alexis's jiggling tits and they shimmer as she rubs in the spunk.

Well shot and well directed, Red Light London is a good little film, crammed full of action. It's nice to see the wee Scot Alexis in a bigger role in a film and here she proves that her performance can match the best in the business. As for the other cast, Claire was ideally suited to the more mature Madam role and there was great supporting work from Chelsea, Frankie and Lolita. What a way for Soho Books to dip their toe in the water... Hopefully we'll see more.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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