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Released: 2006
Director: Hervé Bodilis
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
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Running time: 89 mins.

The Russian Institute series is French producer Marc Dorcel's attempt to produce a sort of hard core St. Trinians without the comedy. It is shot in Hungary. A collection of Europe's most attractive girls have been sent to board at this eccentric establishment. In Lesson 7, Oksana has been sent in the hope that the strict discipline of the school will keep her on the straight and narrow. She shares a room with Jamie Brooks and soon finds that all the girls and staff are interested in is sex.

After a number of short scenes which include Liliane Tiger, Sarah Twain and Suzie Diamond, we find ourselves in Jamie's room, which is filled full of boys. She starts to strip. Her white blouse falls to the floor and is about to be followed by her skirt when the headmaster walks in. Jamie is dragged off down the corridor. Stopping in the hall, Jamie falls to her knees and unzips the head's pants. His erect cock falls out into her mouth and she starts to suck. With her lips clamped to his dick the head slides a hand into Jamie's tights and starts to finger, Jamie fondles her boobs as the head goes down to lap at her pussy. Bending over the grand piano, Jamie is fucked from behind, her tights down round her knees. Pulling at her cheeks she positions the head's cock at the entrance to her bum and gently rocks back. He squeezes her tits as they bonk. The two move to a blue sofa which rattles as Jamie rides the cock up her arse. Juices flow as Jamie fills her fanny with fingers. She jumps off to taste herself as the head wanks into her mouth.

Returning to her room, Jamie lies on the bed in her black see-through negligée, book in hand. Room mate Oksana enters with her boyfriend. Jamie watches as the pair strip and Oksana starts to suck his cock. Placing her book on the table, Jamie caresses her boobs, her knickers come off and fly across the room as she pulls at her pussy. Oksana sees the moist minge, goes down between Jamie's legs and starts to lap. The boyfriend joins, filling her throat with cock. Laid back on the bed, Jamie spreads her legs to be taken missionary. Oksana, crouched by her head, rolls her tits in her hands. The girls change places, Oksana riding cowgirl then going down on all fours, Jamie licking her arse as she is shagged doggy. Pulling on a strap-on, Jamie takes over the fucking as the boyfriend tugs at his man meat. The girls fall onto their sides. Jamie slips the plastic into Oksana's bum and bangs away to cries of Oui, Oui. The two sit up as the guy jerks his load over their faces.

The film is made primarily for the French market with a number of chic stylish short scenes beautifully shot, interspersed with nonsensical links. Sarah Twain as the sultry sexy teacher who just wants sex is ideal in the role, as is cock-mad student Liliane Tiger. Jamie together with Oksana are the only girls who get to appear in more than one scene and both their performances merit this. One thing to remember - set the soundtrack to English. The story doesn't make sense but it's easier to follow than the French version.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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