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Released: 2005
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
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Running time: 140 mins.

Gazzman has produced a number of high quality films for Harmony. His latest release, Roxy Jezel's Fuck Me, is no exception. Roxy, who features in two of the five scenes, is joined by bubbly Alicia Rhodes, sexy McKenzie Lee and the beautiful European blondes Silvia Saint and Julie Silver. In her red lingerie, Roxy fondles and plays with herself as she introduces each section.

The action gets going with Alicia Rhodes, who has her lips wrapped around Brandon Iron's cock at the start of the first scene. Taking his wet prick she rubs it between her tits as he bends to pull her pussy and arse open. Tony de Sergio, Jazz and Marco each enter and stick their cock up Alicia's arse. With her bending her head back and with her mascara running, the four then fuck her tonsils, their balls banging on her nose. Removing her black knickers, Alicia sits astride one of the guys, his dick deep in her arse and her pussy stretched open. As she sucks away a cock is pressed into her cunt. Turning, Alicia gets some double anal action before being stood on her shoulders for the four to pile drive her gaping arse. With a large glass butt plug wedged in her bum, Tony manages to force his cock in along side. Alicia finishes herself with a large black rod dildo rammed hard in her backside, then clenching her buttocks she squeezes it out. The four fill her mouth and Alicia blows spunky bubbles which run over her chin.

McKenzie Lee, handcuffed to the bed, gargles and slurps as a length of cock is eased down her throat. As it's pulled out strings of saliva dribble off her chin, drip down her tits and run toward her pussy. McKenzie laps at the wet shaft, her black-gloved hands caressing the head as her tongue investigates the nut sack. Rolling over, McKenzie gets her arse fucked, her moans quietened by biting on a riding crop as her bum is pounded. Unlocked from the bed, McKenzie lies on her back, knees near her head and her bum high in the air. A knobbly glass butt plug is pushed into her arse, her bum hole taut as the massive end is inserted. McKenzie moans and her pussy twitches as the giant toy is slowly rotated. The toy removed, McKenzie moves to ride the guy reverse cowgirl. The pair roll over, his cock still planted in her bum. Pulling out, he jets his load over McKenzie's face.

Wearing her glass strap-on, Roxy is ready to fuck Silvia Saint. McKenzie and Julie Silver prepare her pussy with their fingers while Roxy wanks on her new glass cock. Silvia gasps as the ribbed shaft is driven between her legs. McKenzie wants to try her glass dick on Julie's moist pussy. She mounts it reverse cowgirl and slowly slides down the length. Silvia and Julie move in unison, their pussies rippling up and down the ridged glass cock. It's then time to turn the tables. McKenzie lies back as the glass toy is screwed into her arse. Roxy's bum pops as the huge head is slipped in and out. With Julie exacting revenge with her tongue and fingers on McKenzie, Silvia uses the second toy on Roxy. Her legs spread wide, Roxy has her arse rodded. The toys extracted, the session ends in a finger fucking orgy.

Having shown she can lick pussy in the previous scene, Roxy proves she can take cock - and not just one or two, but four throbbing lengths of manhood. Holding each in turn with her black silk gloves she wanks them into her mouth, running her tongue down the shaft and around the balls. The guys finger her pussy through her black knickers as she gurgles and slurps on dick. Ripping off her panties, Roxy is lifted and plonked on the first cock which disappears up her arse. She is carried up the line of guys, each one sinking their porkers in her bum. Sucking on arse juice, the boys plunder Roxy's smoothly shaven mound. With two pricks inside, Roxy rocks and rolls, her head yo-yoing between the other two cocks. With her stockings laddered the first two fill and cover her bum with cum, Roxy takes the rest flooding over her face.

Top marks to Gazzman for this one. The girls are erotically dressed and stunningly made up and their performances are hot, hot, hot. Almost 2 hours, plus a bonus scene and interviews - what more could you want?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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