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Released: 2005
Director: Michael Ninn
Notes: Private Pure Play / Ninn Worx
Alternate Titles
  • Michael Ninn's Rapture: Angel Cassidy
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 124 mins.

For his movie Rapture, Michael Ninn has moved away from quasi-industrial settings to a mixture of mock-gothic and art deco, featuring the American star Angel Cassidy. Jean Val Jean is Angel's warped guardian angel, who gets his pleasures from her sexual encounters and those she meets. Rita Faltoyano, Carmen, Brittney Skye and Michelle B give Angel and Jean Val Jean plenty to satisfy their needs.

Released from a safe by Jean, Angel lies on a black and chrome table in her thigh high boots. A gloved Michelle crouches in the corner. The film slips into black and white as the barred door on the safe closes behind the girls. Angel stands with 4 fingers in her pussy. Michelle, in her high heels and fur wrap, approaches. Squatting, she pulls at her pussy. The action moves to a spacious art deco foyer, with Angel on all fours and Michelle jabbing a chrome rod in her pussy. Lying back on a low table, Michelle takes her turn with the toy, her pussy lips reflecting off the polished silver bar. Crying out, Angel works Michelle harder and harder until she climaxes. The two lick her juices off the shiny shaft.

Though not as confusing as some of the Ninn Worx films, Rapture is still hard to follow. Only with the help of the synopsis on the DVD cover can you understand the 'plot'. The film is full of Michael Ninn's trademarks such as an epic 5 minute title sequence and the rapid inter cutting of imagery during scenes. Watching a Ninn movie, you always get the impression that the visual effect is more important than the girls and the action. If you are an admirer of Michael Ninn's work, this film is worth getting. For the viewer who is just after sex in their films though, the flashing images and visual effects may be too much to take.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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