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Released: 2004?
Notes: Shiny Productions
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Running time: 84 mins.

Rubber Strap-On Sluts can be split into two parts; the first section with Claire and Dawn for those who like kinky rubber clad lesbian sex, the second with Faye and Karina for more erotic girl on girl action.

Dawn is waiting on the patio in her calf length PVC coat for Claire to turn up. She flashes to the cameraman, showing her already moist pussy. Claire arrives in a full length rubber cape with hood, looking like Darth Vader. Beneath she has a shiny rubber top, tight skirt and boots. Claire moves to suck Dawn's nipples and play with her pussy, she then turns, standing with her legs apart as her skirt is unzipped. Dawn laps and fingers the smoothly shaven snatch till Claire cums.

Appearing covered from head to toe in black and in her 6 inch boots, Dawn bends over to reveal an access hole in her crotch, but before Claire can use it she has her bum spanked. The girls move inside, Dawn strapping on a head harness with dildo attachment and attacking Claire's cunt till it's running in juices. Claire puts on a gas mask and screws a toy to the nose, probing Dawn's pussy with her proboscis. Removing the mask she continues with the dildo, making Dawn scream with pleasure. The final toy is a strap-on. With rubber squeaking, Claire slides up and down on the shaft till she climaxes. The girls kiss on the sofa.

In a full face mask Claire is led into Dawn's play den, crammed with everything the fetish girl needs. Getting Claire to sit, Dawn starts to lick the pointy toe of her ballet boot, working her way up the leg till she buries her head between her legs. Covering themselves in transparent plastic the girls share a double ended dildo, grinding away till they cum.

Slim blonde Karina is standing in her thigh high black boots and PVC bikini, brushing her hair. Her pussy is getting damp at the thought of what Faye will do to her later. When Faye turns up she is impressed with what she sees and pops upstairs to change into something more sexy, Karina fingers herself as she waits. Returning in a black negligee and stockings, Faye sucks at Karina's nipples as she slips her fingers into her love box. Karina wants to be dominated and turns onto all fours so her tight arse can be penetrated by Faye's fingers. A beaded toy is then inserted. Lying on the sofa with her legs spread, Faye instructs Karina to eat her pussy, the toy still lodged in her arse twitching as her clit is rubbed. Faye pulls on a strap-on, covering it with lube. Karina's pussy lips engulf the shiny plastic prick, and, as she is pounded, her legs shake. It's now Faye's turn. She takes a big pink vibrator in her fanny with ease, Karina working it hard till she orgasms.

Faye and Karina perform well together in this film, both looking as if they are enjoying themselves. Claire and Dawn also put on a good show and I can understand the attraction of tight rubber outfits, but gas masks and plastic bags leave me cold ... If you're into this type of thing Rubber Strap-On Sluts, though short, may be what you are looking for.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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