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Released: 2005
Director: Michael Adam
Notes: Toxxxic / Metro
Alternate Titles
  • Rack Em Up 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 139 mins.

Rack Em Up 2 features six girls who are large in the boob department, including the recently enlarged Brits Michelle B and Jamie Brooks. Each scene follows a tried and trusted format - outdoor strip, indoor interview and action. All nicely done but not very original.

Michelle B, appearing with the blonde American star Trina Michaels, who could pass as her twin, start off the film. The girls kiss and caress as they slowly strip out of their T-shirts and tartan dresses. They rub their boobs together as their hands head south. In the bedroom the girls are joined by Lee Stone and the three are soon naked with Michelle and Trina giving head. Lee manoeuvres Michelle to get to her pussy. His tongue work makes her sit up suddenly. Rolling over, Lee slips his cock into Michelle's moist hole and Trina holds her self inches from her face to have her fanny licked. The girls 69, Lee using the opportunity to fuck Trina as Michelle laps at her clit, then, as they lie on top of each other, his dick yo-yos between their pussies. Michelle gets the chance to ride Lee's cock. When it's Trina's turn she wants it up the arse. Lee pulls out and fills Trina's mouth with cream. She dribbles it over Michelle's face.

In a pinstriped bra and matching panties, Jamie flashes in the garden at the start of scene 4. Indoors, she answers questions about her newly expanded boobs, showing them to the cameraman. When Lee Stone turns up he is more interested in getting his tongue into her knickers than her new D size cup. Hoisting Jamie onto his shoulders, he laps away at her pussy. He lowers her down and her head bobs on his shaft as he fingers her wet arse. Strings of saliva run down his length. Jamie jumps onto the erect cock, grinding it deep into her pussy. Screwing her self round, Jamie ends with one leg across Lee's chest and the other doubled under her as he thrusts away at her cunt. With his arms under Jamie's knees she is lifted off the sofa, her pussy slamming hard onto his cock. The pair sit down, Jamie's boobs joggling as she jams Lee's tool up her bum. Licking off the juices, she turns to be taken doggy style. Rubbing hard on her clit, she screams with pleasure. Letting out a yelp Lee pulls out and Jamie drops to the floor in time to catch his full load over her face.

This is a nicely done film even if the scenes are slightly predictable. Both Brits put in hot performances, showing the Americans how sexy girls from this side of the Atlantic can be. Rack Em Up 2 is professionally produced film and worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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