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Released: 2005
Director: Rocco Siffredi
Notes: Evil Angel
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Running time: 120 mins.

Ibiza is associated with plenty of sun and plenty of fun. It's therefore hardly surprising that Italian stud Rocco Siffredi decided to invite eight of Europe's hottest stars, including the Brits Jamie Brooks and Roxy Jezel, to the island to be ravished. The film has four long scenes with Roxy and Jamie featuring in two.

Walking along the quay in San Antonio, Jamie and Roxy are invited aboard Rocco's yacht for a cruise round the island. The boat has no sooner left the harbour than Jamie feels sea sick and the only remedy she knows is to suck on cock. Surprised by the size of Rocco's dick, Jamie still manages to force it deep down her throat. Roxy claims she too feels queasy and needs to suck on Rocco's manhood. After a number of minutes licking and lapping, Rocco realises the girls are having him on and throws them overboard, diving in after them to make sure they're OK. By the time they reach the yacht's ladder both Jamie and Roxy have lost nearly all their clothes. Back on deck, Rocco slaps Jamie's face with his dick as she rubs her fanny against his toes. Ripping off Roxy's panties Rocco rams his cock in her arse and humps away till she can stand no more and leaves. Jamie is made of sterner stuff, sticking his prick deep up her bum and bouncing, making her tits wobble. Turning onto her back she spreads her legs for Rocco to pound her gaping hole. With Rocco about to cum Jamie takes his arse-juice-covered dick in her mouth and wanks till her tongue is covered in cream.

In scene 3 Jamie has had a night on the town and gets an invite to Isabella's pool-side party. Turning up at the villa Niki Dark and a few guys are already there. Lifting her dress and moving her knickers to one side, she presents a present for the host. Extracting a large butt plug from her arse she forces it into Isabella's mouth. Time for drinks and the boys have an idea. They fill Niki's pussy full of champagne then get Jamie to drink it. Two bottles later Jamie and Isabelle are still lapping at Niki's sticky lips. The three girls strip and start to swallow lengths of cock, Jamie gags as her tonsils are banged. With Isabella sucking as though her life depended on it and Niki screaming and flailing as she is fucked on a large wooden table, Jamie calmly slips Rocco's cock up her bum. Turning to ride him cowgirl he spanks hard on her bum as she bounces up and down, making her cheeks glow red. Moving to lick Rocco, Jamie wanks herself with Niki's foot then sucks juice and jizz off Isabella's cunt, giving her a spunky kiss. Jamie is ready again when the last guy showers his spunk over the girls, licking every lost drop off his cock.

Though the girls in the film are great I find Rocco's spitting and heavy-handed slapping a bit too much. Looking at the state of Jamie's red raw bum I hope she didn't have to fly home for a few days. It looked most uncomfortable. The action was a little too rough for my (and presumably Roxy's) liking.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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