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Released: 2005
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes: also an Adult Channel series
Notes and Reviews

Another six episodes of the magazine programme put together by Mr Thomas junior and his mates as they shoot Mr Thomas senior's oeuvres.

Mainly short clips, mostly, it seems, from Portugal 2004 where the team took a bunch of Eastern European girls including Jo, Vera, Monika, Peaches, Angie Scott, Dora, Sylvie etc., etc. Several of the episodes are (briefly) introduced by one of the girls trampolining, but with their young tight bodies their tits hardly wobble.

Other recurring themes are (1) dodgy porno acting, showing clips where more dialogue is required from the (mainly) boys than "uunngghh! aaahhh! and uurrrgrehhh!" and (2) great cumshots, several of which feature our own Ian Tate. Longer solos - lovely genuine orgasm from Vera with a dildo - and lesbian sex with various young pairings get pretty steamy. All this topped off with the odd Budapest casting, a nude outdoor ping-pong tournament and a gg scene between Tanya and Nicole who claim to be genuine lesbians.

Only two fullish-length fucking scenes with Clark fucking Sophia in episode one and Monika in episode six, both poolside and observed by others. In the first case on a sunlounger alongside a dozing girl.

British interest is confined to Summer in clips from Searching for Sylvia and Busty Suckers (both non-sex), Laura gets a massive faceful from Ian Tate from Dirty Dog 2 and Angie George with Steve Hooper from the beginning of their scene in Busty Suckers and finally the last three strokes of Ian's cock inside her from Dirty Dog 1 followed by another huge facial.

Nice production, might like to watch the odd episode on satellite tv, but I'm not sure I'd buy the DVD.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2005

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