< Real Punting R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Jay Kennedy
Notes: Wrist Action Entertainment
Alternate Titles
  • British Hookers 1 DVD available USA, Black Widow
  • Real Punting 1: Genuine Escorts On The Job
Notes and Reviews

Jay Kennedy is the star of his own show, a very well-endowed guy who confesses he likes a punt and has decided to make some cash out of it. These are the first six encounters released on DVD, but his website contains details of dozens more.

His first appointment is with a very pretty, slim young brunette credited as Twilight. Her room is nicely decorated with drapes. She takes off her t-shirt and jeans and joins a naked Jay on the bed to give him a massage with oils. Eventually she reaches his cock, which swells nicely. Twilight then strips completely and rejoins Jay in 69 before carefully rolling on a condom, applying lube and easily slipping onto his cock in cowgirl. More deep penetration in reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy before Twighlight takes his cock and, lying underneath, wanks him to climax all over her face. Lovely.

Old hand Caitlin meets Jay in a hotel room and chats for a while before getting her tits out and rubbing her pussy. Keeping just her white miniskirt on, she uses a pink vibrator on herself, which Jay takes over. Caitlin then gives Jay's cock a good suck before they move to the bed where, both naked, Caitlin rolls on a condom and Jay fucks her face to face. Doggy and reverse cowgirl follow before returning to missionary where Jay pulls out and Caitlin guides his spunk all over her tits.

Ruth, an extremely well-spoken 30+ young lady, lives in Nottingham and tells Jay what a nice place to live it is before changing into her nurses uniform for a bit of role-play. When she re-enters the hotel room Jay is already naked. After she takes his temperature she sits astride him to examine his cock then pulls down her red bra to stick her tits in his face. Lying on her back Jay removes Ruth's red pants as she reveals a large 'NHS issue' dildo which she pushes up her pussy. Jay takes over with his tongue then, after applying a condom, fucks Ruth missionary. Initially Ruth has trouble accomodating Jay, but moments later her pussy is gushing and she fucks him in spoons and a deep and slow reverse cowgirl. As Ruth lies on her tummy with her uniform pulled up she wanks Jay over her buttocks. Nurse, the screens, I'm coming.

Jay welcomes Italian Vanessa, a very attractive tall, slim, tanned blond, to another hotel room and chats to her over a glass of wine. The pair undress each other slowly as they move across to the bed. Jay licks Vanessa's pussy as she lies with legs spread, but she will only return the service with a condom. Slipping on some jelly she mounts him cowgirl then reverse cowgirl and several other positions on the bed before lying on her back and wanking his cock over her belly.

Jay seems to be in Bek's spare room, which only contains a double bed and a collection of vibrators. There's plenty of intelligent chat again here (Bek is credited as being a graduate) then Jay squeezes Bek's tits through her bra. Jay undresses and Bek strips to her black pants and confesses a love of vibrators. Jay pushes one from her collection up her pussy while Bek uses another on her clit; which makes her orgasm. Then it's Jay's turn and he briefly fucks her in cowgirl and missionary before pulling out and spraying over her belly. Terrific.

Finally Jay meets Melissa in his favourite hotel from scene 2. She is a South African student who likes to give a real girlfriend experience, and she does. After quite a long chat to camera Jay joins her, peels off her dress revealing small pink panties and small pink tits. The pair proceed to have sex like a genuine couple. Plenty of kissing and sucking before Jay rolls on a condom and rolls onto Melissa to fuck her missionary. Melissa firmly but gently fucks Jay in cowgirl, leaning forward to kiss him, before moving through several more positions. Finally Melissa takes his naked cock in her mouth and, with superb oral technique, exicites Jay to the point of orgasm. Despite Jay's grunts she keeps he mouth clamped to his tool taking every bit of his climax and allowing a little to dribble from her mouth afterwards. Fucking superb.

Congratulations all round to Jay Kennedy, Terry Stephens and the team - Ian (camera) and Kali (camera/director/design) - for this fantastic DVD. Jay seems to have great empathy with the girls, each scene is allowed to develop slowly, in its own way, as the pair talk to each other from start to finish. Bek says her favourite position is missionary, so that's the way she's fucked. The pace and the crisp unfussy photography gives the whole production an authenticity which you can almost smell - the flesh, the sweat, the rubber.

The girls, while not centrefolds, are all attractive and perform very naturally, with only Bek and Caitlin being regulars in porn (and it really shows in Caitlin's case).

If you want a change from the quick strip, fuck-me-hard, fuck-me-hard school of gonzo that is prevalent across most US and a lot of UK stuff, buy this film. NOW!

Review by Bayleaf

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