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Released: 2003
Notes: Spirit Video 40
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60 mins: 4 scenes approx 14/15 mins each.

Rebekah Jordan, while very pregnant, does 4 solo scenes, but with no anal play. Her hair is dark blonde, which is probably her natural colour rather than the pale blonde we usually see. Her tongue stud seems to have been removed. The format is similar to FC videos. She talks to the camera as if it is her partner who has made her pregnant, often bemoaning a lack of sex, loss of figure and not drinking.

Scene 1. In bedroom. Rebekah is lying on the floor - on a shaggy rug - reading a book (Patricia Cornwall's Isle of Dogs), awaiting of her partner's return from the pub. She is wearing a sheer black shirt and lacy red bra and pants. She berates partner, and undoes her shirt, caresses her body before kneeling to take the shirt off. She takes her breasts out of the bra, plays with them and masturbates. Producing a thick lilac vibro with large bumps on it, takes off the bra so she can use the vibro on her tits and cunt. She sucks her juices off it, and finger fucks herself. Standing, she bends over to removes the panties, squats and lays down on the floor, finger fucking from behind on her knees. Uses vibro in vagina and orally and cums. Says better than the real thing when turned on. Uses vibro on breasts, fingering pussy, inserts vibro cumming again.

Scene 2. Rebekah climbs stairs to a landing. Is wearing a short black dress and black lacy panties. Has come to find partner so they can go out for dinner. Tempts him with dinner or sex. Raises dress and spanks her arse several times. Offers a takeaway and bed. Shows her "bump" and lowers dress to reveal her bare breasts. She takes her dress off and says she's not going out now. Plays with tits and masturbates. Bending over she fingers herself with the gusset to one side, then removes panties. She now squats and fingers herself again and plays with tits. She kneels reaching for a smooth mauve vibrator. She puts it in her mouth - lots of oral play, coating it with saliva and uses it on her pussy - cums. Now standing, leaning leg on banister, vibro from behind while looking over her shoulder. She puts the vibro between breasts and strokes them. Back squatting, vibro fucks herself.

Scene 3. Rebekah is sitting in a large yellow armchair, reading a paper. She's wearing a white string strapped top, a denim skirt and white lacy bra and panties. She opens her legs and rubs her gusset then puts her hand inside her panties. She takes off the top, then stands to take skirt off. Up against the fireplace, she caresses herself, then takes the bra off. After taking her pants off she sits down, wanks, then takes a red and green vibrator. Her fingers are wet with love juice and she sucks them. She sits on the floor, the vibro used on breasts and cunt, and cums. She stands, inserting the vibro into her pussy, bum towards the camera, her head looking over her shoulder. Sits down she soon cums, then stands and walks towards the camera.

Scene 4. In kitchen. Red top and dress, navy blue bra and pants, with pale blue polka dots and trim - retro looking. Pours a cola, rejects adding brandy, though would prefer champagne or wine, but can't due to pregnancy - and drinks some of it. Moves a chair and sits on it, drinks with legs wide apart, then takes the top off. Strokes body and bump, standing she takes the dress down, sits, rubs vulva and body then takes her breasts out of her bra, then takes it off. Plays with breasts and puts her hand inside pants and takes them off. She puts the gusset in her mouth, sucking it, then fingering herself. Taking a red vibrator she rubs breasts and along her cunt lips, then with her bum to the camera, a leg on the chair, and again looking over her shoulder, uses the vibrator. Moves and sits on the kitchen counter, inserts vibro and cums. Sitting on the floor and continues to wank with the toy. She appears to squirt - I've not seen her do this before - then shortly cums again.

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