< Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Rocco Siffredi
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Kelly's Perversion in Paris Shiva on-screen title
  • Kelly's Perversions in Paris DVD available Shiva, includes watersports
  • Rocco Decadence DVD available Italy, EPM
Notes and Reviews

Rocco and Kelly are back in Paris and all stops are out. As they go around town, Kelly takes on everybody from Rocco to strangers off the street. The film is short on plot and is happy simply to explore Kelly's perversions.

Rocco starts things off with Katty Thurman in Prague, talking about Kelly and then passing the time until Laura Angel comes over. Rocco bends Katty over to spank her and tongue her before an anal toy appears. Katty takes the beaded end of the toy in her ass while Rocco fucks her face and pussy. Laura finally shows up with a few bananas and gets thrown on the couch as Katty works on her arse while Rocco feeds her the bananas and his cock. Finally, Laura has enough of mashing the bananas on Rocco, spits, slaps and chokes him before he gives her a good arse-fucking. Katty hasn't been forgotten, sucking Rocco's cock as it eases out of Laura's arse then getting rimmed herself. Ends with joint facial.

After picking Kelly up at the airport, watching her pee and letting her get a decent night's rest, Rocco finally goes for a little fucking. Kelly gives him a blowjob before he fucks her bum while a naked Kelly keeps popping onto the balcony to watch a civic ceremony taking place in the courtyard. Kelly sucks Rocco to climax in her face.

While Rocco and Kelly are sightseeing, they notice that Alain L'Yle seems to be stalking her. Rocco notices that Alain looks a little like Robin Williams, and tells Kelly that he's starting to fantasize about her fucking Robin Williams, wondering if she'll fuck Alain to fulfill his fantasy. They sixty nine a little before Kelly drops down to suck Alain and play with his ass. They mix the fucking with a bit of domination. Finally, Alain pops in Kelly's gaping bum and down to her face. (Note. Alain L'Yle has now given up porn and makes a living as a Robin Williams lookalike! - Ed).

Kelly takes on Roberto Malone and Dino Toscani, who she calls to their hotel room claiming that Rocco's beating her up. Instead of getting Rocco thrown in jail, which she starts talking about when Roberto and Dino arrive, she wants the guys to fuck her. They quickly remove their belts to use as a leash on her and to spank her with. She giggles as they treat her like a cheap whore, fucking her face, pussy, and ass, making her suck cock and spanking her. Kelly alternates between looking deep into the sex and giggling like a schoolgirl, and finishes things up with three facials. It's not always a comfortable scene, but there's no doubt that Kelly's into it all. (Note. In the Shiva version, Roberto and Dino piss on Kelly (and in her mouth) in the bath. In their hotel room, Kelly also insists that Rocco stubs out a cigarette on her breast. I don't think you actually see the event, but you do see the burn mark - Ed).

Finally, Rocco and Kelly meet up in London, where they get together with Remigio Zampa. They head to Remigio's Docklands room where he introduces her to Hannah who Kelly wants as her slave. Remigio slaps Kelly's arse quite severely (enough to shock Hannah) as he holds her against a window with the Docklands below. Kelly plays with Hannah a little then Hannah pees on the table which the girls lick up. Kelly won't fuck Remigio so Hannah tries to get his monster cock inside by sitting on it. She takes his fill length in missionary in a chair before bravely trying anal in reverse cowgirl again. Thanks to Kelly lubricating its passage (at Hannah's request), Remigio's cock gets right inside Hannah's arse. While the size cannot be entirely comfortable she is happy to get deeply fucked in several other positions. Finally, the girls share a facial to wrap things up. (Note. In the Shiva version Remigio Zampa pisses on Kelly and Hannah (their faces) while they lie on the table - Ed).

The film has generated some controversy on release, but while it certainly shows Kelly's need for attention and her need for Rocco, the sex was no harder or rougher than a lot of other stuff. Although quite what Kelly might do if Rocco asked her is a moot point. Katty and Laura are also frighteningly dirty girls and Hannah doesn't seem particularly uncomfortable with her role either.

(Note. Also in the Shiva version Rocco and Kelly visit a cemetery and among other things he pisses on her (and in her mouth). There's a still (I didn't see it in the film, but in a magazine) of Kelly sitting on a tombstone which has some sort of an effigy on it, with a projecting piece of sculpture inside her - Ed).

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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