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Released: 2002
Director: Vince Voyeur
Notes: Red Light District
Alternate Titles
  • Gangbang Vol. 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 139 mins.

This is the second of Red Light District's gangbang films. Juliana Kincaid is the first girl to be the first village bicycle for twelve guys and Ashley Long is next up ...

Ashley's scene goes on for over an hour with the twelve guys and she does almost everything she can with twelve guys. Like just about every other RLD film, the guys give her an interview before getting to work. The guys take turns in licking and fingering her pussy and she is very vocal, especially when she does a P2M on her fingers. She returns the favour by blowing all the guys (who are all lined up as if they were in an ID parade) with excellent eye contact with the camera and little jerking. First they lay her on her back and they start pussy-fucking and switch guy from time to time. Soon the guys take a crack at her arse with her in reverse cowgirl and she bobs up on down with each guy in her arse as if she were taking it in her pussy. She dismounts and gives plenty of A2M while the guys take turns fucking her arse. Soon she lays back and gives a reverse cowgirl DP. A cowgirl DP follows (this is probably the best shot DP action), but this is short-lived as she gets back in reverse cowgirl for a double-anal penetration and she takes two guys in her arse like she does it regularly! The climax of the scene soon comes along as Ashley gets into a piledriver positon and she takes creampies from several of the guys before they pick her up and then she proceeds to squirt the cum out of her arse. Some viewers may be a little sickened by this, but the smile may come back since the remaining guys who haven't cum yet get to cum on Ashley's face and in her mouth and she keeps the enormous amount of semen in her mouth for quite a while before swallowing it.

The extras on the DVD include a photo gallery, behind the scenes footage and a very generous number of trailers.

Gang Bang 2 is one of the best gangbang films out there and to me, Ashley was the better performer between her and Juliana, not because Ashley is more attractive, but because Ashley was the nastier and more energetic performer. Gangbang films may not be to all viewers' liking, but this is a good one to watch.

Review by D-Man

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

While British amateur gang bang films tend to contain a group of middle aged, greying, pot bellied blokes who cum as soon as the star removes her knickers, in this US production Vince Vouyer and Red Light District lined up 12 hot studs from the US porn industry including Tony Tedeshi and Marcus Wright to ensure 6 foot blonde Ashley Long had 71 minutes of the hottest gang bang session recorded.

Ashley, dressed in an 'Electric' blue top with matching shorts and high black platform shoes, said she wanted some excitement back in her life and she certainly got it! The guys introduce themselves by fingering and licking Ashley's pussy, they then all line up as she deep throats all 12 cocks. Once along the line is not enough for this red hot girl so she makes her way back down the line tasting what's on offer.

Ashley lies back and takes all 12 in her pussy before turning to be done a dozen times doggie style. It's then time for anal action and the guys oblige. Having her arse and mouth filled with man meat is not enough. She want a dick in each hole and what Ashley wants, Ashley gets.

It's now double or nothing time. Ashley is penetrated first up the bum then in the pussy by pairs of cocks.

After pounding away for over an hour the guys are ready to fire. Ashley turns to be pile driven and 4 of the group cum deep up her bum, which she squirts and squeezes out. The remaining 8 fill her mouth and she gargles with their cream. Spit or swallow? What do you think!!

Ashley's scene is coupled with another one hour plus gang bang featuring the American Juliana Kincade and with the behind the scenes extras pushes the DVD towards the 3 hour mark. Even if gang bangs are not your thing this film is worth getting, just to see what Ashley can do!!

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