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Released: 2002
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Rocco Supermothard DVD available Italian title
Notes and Reviews

Evil Angel DVD

Rocco seems to have a motor bike racing team. Bella Donna wanders round interviewing some of the drivers including Rocco who pretends to be upset at having the pink rubber cock which she is pretending is a microphone, waved in his face. Bella Donna is the prize for the winner of the practice race, apparently a new stud on the block. But the prize giving turns into an orgy as Rocco and Nacho also get involved along with all the girls (all initially dressed in orange hot pants and white T-shirts). These include Krystal de Boor, of whom we don't see enough, though she does manage to get in on a few of the facials.

Two French girls on motor scooters visit the workshop of Rocco's team and a foursome occurs.

Rocco and his team are challenged to a race by a stunning brunette while out at night on their bikes. Next day she turns up at Rocco's place and takes on Rocco and the new stud - DP, reverse cowgirl anal, stand-up DP and facials.

In the last sequence Kelly Stafford turns up at the practice track in the white T-shirt, orange hot pants uniform and begins to cause her usual mayhem, going round grabbing cocks through overalls and generally playing the fool, complaining to camera that there are no cocks to suck and that one rider went for a pee without her. The two French girls have sex in the back of a van - two b/g scenes one after the other. Kelly arrives near the end of the second and licks a mix of cum and oil off the floor of the van - she must have a superhuman immune system. She then goes and flashes her tits and bum at the drivers before the last race. Finally she gets her usual circle of blowjobs and facials with four men in the back of the van, deep throating one of them. The facials are not so messy as she sometimes manages to make them.

This is a pretty hot video and a dramatic contrast to the unimaginative American fare I've seen lately. There is also much less slapping and a bit less spitting in this video and it's all the better for it.

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