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I approached this scene with some trepidation after seeing Rough Sex some weeks ago. I'd been told that this was more severe, but I was interested in seeing one of the videos shot by "Felicity" during the recent C4 documentary, so decided to give it a whirl and review it.

The scene involves three girls and a black guy (Mr Marcus I think) and opens with him talking on the phone, naked on a couch. Two girls, one blonde and Felicity are sucking his toes and the third, a redhead and focus for much of the violence, is commanded to lick his arse out.

This goes on for a while until Marcus switches his attention solely to the redhead, who is slapped around, verbally abused, choked and has her hair pulled. All three girls are placed in line on their knees, bent over the couch, but the redhead again bears the brunt of a severe slapping and fingering. More choking follows before Felicity gives him oral, including deep throating. She then gives his arse a licking as he beats and verbally abuses the redhead before being taken doggy style on the couch.

Felicity receives oral from both girls before the blonde is fucked doggy style, then Felicity gives oral to the redhead, who is then also furiously doggied on the couch. The redhead takes more beating and huge welts come up on her bum and breasts. This gets increasingly difficult to watch as she is eventually reduced to tears. Both girls give the redhead oral and she is routinely fanny slapped by Marcus. More oral from Felicity follows, the redhead gets yet more abuse, including a verbal roasting which had me convinced at one point that he was going to push her half way across the room.

Then we are "treated" to a close up of Felicity lying back on the couch, looking directly into camera and telling the viewer that as she is a shit hole and a whore, she wants to be hurt and fucked in the shit hole. Marcus duly obliges with a deep anal.

Eventually it all comes to a close with Marcus's cum shot to the redhead's mouth. She and the blonde are then "invited" to lick out Felicity's arse, then the redhead passes her mouthful of cum to Felicity. Both girls continue to lick out her arse then Marcus forces the redhead into a prone position so he can rest his feet on her while the other two go back to sucking his toes.

Felicity got off fairly lightly in this scene as she was not slapped at all, was given directions and not orders about where to go and only mildly abused verbally in direct contrast to the treatment given to the redhead. Definitely not one to stay in the collection, but it held my attention. It was like watching a video of a car crash - you know it won't be pleasant, but you can't take your eyes off it no matter how difficult it is to watch. Glad I only borrowed it all the same.........

Reviewed by Ned.

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