< Rock 'n' Roll Ransom

Released: 1982
Director: Lindsay Honey
Notes: Videx
Alternate Titles
  • Rocked Shadow Wara Video
Notes and Reviews

Videx, 1987

Ian Mitchell, Nikola Mansfield, Marie Russell, Keith Jones, Peter Orlando (Policeman), Carol West, Mary Taylor, Sindy Collem, Gillian Morley. Guest Appearance Madame Monique.

Written and Directed by Lindsay Honey.

Popstar and girlfriend go to recording studio. Boring duet sung by Linzi Drew and Lindsay Honey. Girlfriend and schoolgirl kidnapped, forced to pose on bed then one kidnapper has sex with schoolgirl, oral, full sex. Popstar calls police, policeman goes to bar where Madame Monique is stripping. Popstar pays ransom in phonebox collects girls on way home. Then party, many couples going off together, fragmented scenes including oral and full sex also lesbian with bottle. Final scene popstar and schoolgirl have full sex and oral, intercut with other couples doing the same thing. Nice idea for film but intercutting couples boring & spoils many potential interesting scenes.

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