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Released: 1992 (2002 for DVD)
Director: Jean-Pierre Ferrand
Notes: Las Vegas Video / Pleasure Production
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Running time: 69 mins.

Leader of a group of busty bikers, Taylor is shocked when she hears that the head of a rival gang, and one time boyfriend, has died. The question is, who will inherit his beloved Harley?

Attending the memorial service, the two gangs meet and decide to settle their differences as a sign of respect. The guys and girls team up to get to know each other better.

Taylor and Stacy Nichols head to their club house where Mike Horner waits. Stripping to her stockings and boots, Taylor buries her face between Stacy's legs as Stacy licks at Mike's member. The girls swap places so Taylor has a chance to swallow Mike's shaft. Down on all fours, the girls are both taken doggy. Taylor traps Mike's cock in her cleavage. He cums over the girls' faces.

Going back to look at the bike, Taylor finds Cal. Rather than argue, she pulls out her boobs and lets him lick them. With his jeans round his knees, Cal climbs onto the saddle. Taylor wraps her lips round his cock. Dropping her short black skirt, Taylor smears her snatch over his face then slowly slips down Cal's body to sit on his dick. Bending busty Taylor over the bike, Cal thunders in from behind. Sinking to the floor, Cal shoots his load over Taylor's back.

With Terri Diver and Brigitte Amie cementing relationships with their one time enemies, both gangs decide that fighting is futile. As for the bike, that can go to charity.

Long on plot and short on action, Runnin' Hot comes from a time when it was compulsory to shoot all sex scenes in a pale blue tint. It may have appeared sophisticated at the time, but this type of film now seems dated. As an historical look back to films of the early 90's, Runnin' Hot is okay, although it is by no means a classic of that era.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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