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Released: 1997
Notes: Evil Angel
Notes and Reviews

This includes several scenes from Private Fantasy 2 (which is an entirely different film in the American Rocco's Private Fantasies 2). Several toilet scenes are included with the actual pissing never directly shown. Anja in particular spends much of the time in the toilet.

  • Anja tied up.
  • Sabrina Johnson, Omar and David Perry on stairs.
  • Anja buggered by Jean (slightly cut at start).
  • Laura Turner and teddy bear.
  • Anja edited toilet scene with Kris News.
  • Anja and Omar ditto.
  • Laura and her teddy bear again.
  • Kelly Stafford (schoolgirl uniform) teases Omar. They are joined by Natasha Grove etc. (from Private Fantasy 2).
  • Francesca Neeme and David Perry in bedroom (from Private Fantasy 2).
  • Anja and Jean Yves le Castel edited toilet scene.
  • Sabrina Johnson, Hayley Russell, Rocco and Jean. Extra (edited) toilet scene with Hayley Russell (Scene 8 of Shiva version).
  • Sonja, Omar and Fernando. Toilet scene shown in full in Private Fantasy 2 is not shown at all here (from Private Fantasy 2).
  • Nicky Platts, Jean Yves le Castel and David Perry (scene 5 of Shiva version).
  • Laura Turner and Anja in kitchen.
  • Laura leads Anja into the Donna Warner 'gang rape' scene. Donna, dressed as a man, and David Perry, Kris News, Jean Yves le Castel and Omar. Double anal for Donna. Anja is 'forced' to lick cum off the hall table. Toilet scene with Donna Warner is added in cut form though Laura sticking her head down the toilet and flushing it is shown.
  • The dungeon dream sequence (featuring Naomi St James, Lisa Stretton, Donna Warner, Laura Turner, Kirstyn Halborg, Rocco, David Perry and Kris Newz, is almost all cut compared to the Shiva version, as is the explanation at the end that no one has been forced to do anything. We see a bit of the initial action to Rocco being tied up and then Kirstyn waving the scissors near Rocco's cock at which point he wakes up and goes to tell Omar and Jean he is leaving.

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