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Released: 1974
Director: Russell Gay
Notes: Muswell Films, 11 mins. Included on The Connoisseurs' Collection Edition Two, Best Of Blue Movies 6.
Notes and Reviews

True-to-life Lesbian lovemaking is filmed authentically in this superlative movie. There are orgiastic scenes that are both explicitly sexual and extraordinarily beautiful - as Zoe and Mary make unbridled love in a way that only two girls can. True sensuality, combined with totally frank camerawork that probes their bodies in action, heightens the arousing quality of this film. It positively drips with the heady aroma of lust. Woven into the story are also heterosexual scenes showing what happens when a girl's mind is not on the job but is mentally entwined with the smooth, satin skin of another girl. Gorgeous and totally abandoned Zoe and Mary, with charms completely revealed for your enjoyment, make this a film for connoisseurs of Lesbian sexual pleasure.

Text from contemporaneous advert.

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