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Released: 2010
Director: Laurent Sky
Notes: Club Jenna, widescreen
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Running time: 80 mins.

Confusingly, Club Jenna have released a number of PinUp Perversions films with almost the same cast in each one. The only differentiation being the 'With XXX' element where the name of the main star appears. In this title, busty blonde Sophia Rossi takes the lead role in a short 50's styled film which also features Maya Gates and Holly West.

After a number of nicely shot but very short scenes, where we encounter Sophia as a model in the studio sharing a bath with maid Maya, we come to the final session with Roxy.

Turning up at a garage in a turquoise chemise, Roxy is after service with a difference. Sitting between the petrol pumps, rough and ready mechanic Reno pulls her panties aside to check her pussy. Grabbing her boobs with his gnarled hands, he squeezes, then sinks down to lick at her pussy. Arching her back, Roxy forces herself into the mechanic's face. Pulling out his prick, Reno thrusts it between Roxy's legs. She turns to taste her juices from his dip stick. Moving over the forecourt to an old ice machine, Roxy bends to be filled from behind. The two sink down and she drops herself on Reno's rod. Sensing Reno's body stiffening, Roxy climbs off. He shoots his load over a gas sign. She sucks it off.

Though beautifully done, running at a miserly 12-16 minutes a piece, the scenes in the film are just getting going when they're over. As for Sophia Rossi, she may be the 'feature' girl, but her performance is overshadowed by those of the other girls. PinUp Perversions with Sophia Rossi has the wrong girl in the title and is far too short as a film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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