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Released: 2010
Director: Marc Twain
Notes: Bluebird Films
Alternate Titles
  • Passagier 69 Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 146 mins.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie and new girl Gemma Massey have gone to the States to star alongside Puma Swede, Jennifer Dark and a host of other girls, in Bluebird's plot-based film about flying.

Serving drinks in the first class cabin, flight attendant Linsey is faced with a disgruntled passenger who pulls a gun. Quick thinking Linsey rips open her blouse to distract him with her boobs, then clobbers him over the head with her tray. Exercise trainer Puma is unsure about Linsey's unorthodox approach to hijack prevention, but she likes her tits and leans forward to suck them. Puma's hand runs up Linsey's stockings and under her skirt. Bras off, the two girls kiss and lick boobs. With her knickers off, Linsey holds her pussy against Puma's face. Puma's tongue darts out at Linsey's clit. Pulling aside Puma's panties, Linsey laps at her pussy lips. Stretched out over a row of seats, their legs interlock and the girls grind against one another. Two toys are retrieved from the emergency locker. A gel dong is eased into Linsey's pussy, while Puma takes a purple vibe. Rubbing and writhing, the girls push themselves together until they climax. Training over, it's time to fly.

In the airport terminal, Jennifer Dark is planning to take over a plane. Firstly though, she has to use her special charms to get past security.

Dragging a drinks trolley down the aisle, Linsey bumps into Gemma. She hadn't realised she was also booked in to work the flight. Straightening things up, Linsey notices the booze is half price. It's such a bargain the pair crack open a bottle or two. Topped up with drink, the girls kiss. Linsey thinks Gemma would look better out of uniform and unbuttons her jacket and blouse. Releasing Gemma's boobs from her black bra, Linsey sucks them. Both girls feel sexy and unzip their skirts. Gemma runs her tongue over Linsey's nipples as a finger slips into her snatch. Panties off, the pair spread their legs to 69. Finding her toy, Linsey plugs it into Gemma's pussy. On hands and knees, the two probe and lap at each other. Side-by-side, the girls masturbate. Their bodies quiver to a thunderous climax.

Dressed as a flight attendant, hijacker Brianna Blair bursts onto the flight deck. Pulling at the pilots pants, she wants be taken in the cockpit.

Lead by Jennifer, the hijackers take over the plane. Believing that they're going to die, first class passengers Jasmine and Angelica ask if they can join the mile-high club with the guy sitting between them.

With everyone else preoccupied with sex, Linsey remembers her training. A flash of her tits and a clash of the tray and the hijackers are overcome. Jennifer admits defeat, but if she can't take over the plane at least she can have an orgy with the crew. Hijacker Madelyn Marie lets Puma lick at her pussy, while a colleague takes on two cocks. Linsey finds a double-ended dong which she uses with Puma. Buckling on their strap-ons, the attendants attack the terrorists while the first class passengers sit and watch. Jabbing hard and fast into Madelyn, Linsey is determined to make her climax. On the other side of the aisle, Brianna and Jennifer bang away at the boys. Upending Puma, the double-ended toy is pushed into her pussy. The girls lick and lap as it's worked back and forth. Spattered with spunk, the hijackers day is over and a course is set for home.

Unlike some of Bluebird's productions, it appears that some thought has been put into this movie. Okay, the title's not new and the plot may have been used a dozen times or more, but at least all the scenes hang together. Linsey, in her first big film produced in the States, shows she can cut it with the best and produces some nice girl-on-girl action with buxom blonde Puma Swede. New girl Gemma also shows great promise in her scene. Let's hope she makes some more. Passenger 69 is one of the better films from Bluebird.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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