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Released: 2010
Director: Cash Markman
Notes: Penthouse
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Running time: 85 mins.

If ever there is an award for product placement in a film, Pandora's XXX Toy Box should win hands down. Each of the five scenes are introduced by Celeste Star, in a silver lurex dress, delving into her box of Penthouse aids and potions. Each Penthouse product has a story associated with it and is promoted heavily throughout the scene.

Sitting by the pool sipping wine, McKenzie is surprised by James Deen. He's just bought some Penthouse deep throat spray which will help McKenzie swallow some cock. Although she's never had a problem in that department before that we're aware of, she agrees to give it a try and sprays some on her tonsils. She gets out James's cock and it disappears down her throat as far as his balls. Now his length is covered in spit, McKenzie wants to see what else James can do with it. Opening her legs, he rams in missionary on the lounger. Sitting up, McKenzie jerks James's jizz over her face.

Wearing a white negligée, Syren is fed grapes by her new husband, Tommy Gun, as she lies in bed in the honeymoon suite of a luxury hotel. With some wedding gifts still to be unwrapped, the pair come across a large box of Penthouse sex toys. Wanting to try the 'his and hers' lube, Syren pulls down her top and smears her nipples while Tommy coats his cock. Syren runs her tongue over his dick and swallows while Tommy bites at her boobs. With his cock nice and wet, Syren traps it in her cleavage and wanks him. Tommy works his way down her body and teases her clit. A quick shag missionary style, then spoons, and Syren's stomach is spattered in spunk. The Penthouse products have worked.

If you were to cut the plugs from this film you'd be left with not a lot. Pandora's XXX Toy Box should have a flashing slogan across the screen - 'This Is An Advertisement'. For those thinking of buying this Penthouse production, save your money. Oh, and by the way, did I tell you the producers were Penthouse?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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