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Released: 2009
Director: Kelly Madison
Notes: 413 Productions
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Running time: 108 mins.

Porn Fidelity 20 is an eclectic set of scenarios, ranging from dark dungeons to Californian period Tudor, as Kelly Madison and husband Ryan entertain a selection of their friends. After Angelina Valentine has gone through a sado-masochistic session with Ryan, we meet McKenzie.

Putting on her lipstick and adjusting her sunglasses, McKenzie flips up the sun visor and climbs out of her car. With no one around, she strides across the car park towards a small door. Entering, she finds herself in a dimly lit dungeon. Bound in cling film, Ryan is tied up and suspended from a hook. McKenzie pulls at the wrapping to get at his cock. Kneeling, she takes him deep in her mouth. Finding a knife, McKenzie cuts his ties and slits open the plastic shroud. Discarding her short skirt and black knickers, she rubs his prick against her pussy. Slipping onto Ryan's shaft, McKenzie eases her boobs out of her black top. Legs interlocked, she leans forward onto his face. Wiping the juice covered dick over her lips, McKenzie falls forward on a badly stained mattress to be fucked doggy. Cradling her breasts, McKenzie again mounts Ryan's cock, this time reverse. Shooting his load over her face, Ryan ties McKenzie's legs and hoists her upside down on the hook.

Next, Nika Norie turns up at the Madison mansion trying to sell a vacuum. But it's another type of sucking that Kelly and Ryan are interested in. The film ends with Rebecca Linares, wearing a ruff collar and full Elizabethan dress, being shagged in the Madison's Tudor towers, in front of the Plasma TV.

Strange story lines aside, Porn Fidelity 20 is a competently shot and performed film. The first scene is a little too rough for my taste, but this is outweighed by the return of McKenzie to our screens. Even better when you realise she also does a solo session in the Extras section. Porn Fidelity 20 should be on the shopping list of all McKenzie fans.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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