< Peeping Plumber

Released: 1970s
Notes: loop, Mistral Films, produced by Russell Gay
Notes and Reviews

A girl should always be sure to lock the door when she's taking a bath! But Suzie is so eager to bathe, she forgets... and you can watch the consequences. She wastes no time in stripping naked, but before she steps into the bath she lingers over her lovely young body, stroking herself sensually. Then it's into the tub, and Suzie relaxes and begins to enjoy her bath as only a girl knows how! She is disturbed by Jack the plumber, who has let himself in and found his way to the bathroom. See him soap her all over teasingly, and finally strip off and join her to frolic in the warm suds. Who says they don't make clean films any more?

Text from contemporaneous advert.

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