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Released: 2009
Notes: Brazzers
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Running time: 189 mins. plus 31 min. bonus scene.

In an attempt to make you think you're getting more for your money, Brazzers (along with a few other US Studios) are releasing their movies as 5 scenes plus a 'never been seen' bonus - a clever marketing ploy. The six scenes in the film are a mix of boy/girl and boy/girl/girl, with plenty of British representation. Danny Mountain is an evil psychopath shagging Angelina Valentine and Ryder Skye, whilst Ben English ends up judging August and Jayden James's cock sucking ability in a spoof talent show, Porn Idols. Carmel plays two roles in her scene with British stud Tony Di Sergio.

In black feather wings, Carmel is an evil angel on the hunt for big cocks. Her alter ego, dressed in white, is out to stop her. Finding her way to a strip joint, evil Carmel hopes her sexy pole dancing will raise a dick or two. Flashing her arse at the boys, she's disappointed with the results. She notices Tony at the side of the stage. The bulge in his pants looks promising. The pair head for a back room as good girl Carmel arrives at the club. To stop a near riot, she continues the dancing from where evil Carmel left off. Taking out Tony's prick, Carmel runs it over her lips then, flicking back her blonde hair, she swallows it. Tony reaches for her pussy. She bends forward and plants it in his face. He flops back and she drops onto his cock. Easing a finger into her arse, Carmel follows it up with Tony's prick. Her black wings flap as she bounces on his shaft. Dropping onto all fours on the floor, Tony continues to bang into Carmel's bum till he's ready to cum. She takes his load in her mouth and dribbles it onto her tits. Virtuous Carmel is too late to save her evil twin. As the two girls come together, good cancels bad and you are left with nothing but a few feathers.

Although the action in the film is nicely choreographed and shot, the build-ups in the scenes are ponderously slow and wooden. Whilst I think a few minutes of scenario setting always helps a film along, here it's taken to excess. Thirty minutes in the case of the first scene! If all the extraneous dialogue was removed, the almost four hours running time would be cut by sixty minutes, leaving a film of a decent length. Pornstars Like It Big 5 has some good hot action, but most will be tempted to hit the fast forward button through the early parts of the scenes.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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