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Released: 2007
Director: Ashton West
Notes: Chillout Films
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Running time: 87 mins.

With low light levels and an atmospheric sound track, Pleasure Seekers is very much a mood movie as you watch the seductive scenes slowly progress. Those who are seeking pleasure are Rebeca Linares, Jenna Presley, Paola Ray and Brit Kellemarie.

Sitting in a darkened room, Rebeca slowly draws on her cigarette and lets the smoke drift out between her red lips. Lying on a frosted glass table in front of her, Kellemarie and Paola kiss, their forms illuminated from a golden glow below. Slipping off their diamante encrusted bikini tops, the girls explore each other's bodies. Rebeca's hand moves to her black knickers as she watches the sensuous and erotic show. Paola's tongue reaches Kellemarie's jewelled panties and slips inside. The camera slowly pans over the girls' naked flesh. Smoke from Rebeca's cigarette wafts across the room as Kellemarie and Paola's legs intertwine and they grind their pussies together.

In sepia-type colours, Kellemarie sits with Paola in a pool of light in an otherwise dark room. Peeling off her black dress, Paola drips her drink onto her boobs. Kellemarie leans forward and laps. Her tongue follows the rivulet of droplets down Paola's body. She arches herself to hold her fanny against Kellemarie's face. The pair move. Kellemarie stands and slides her panties off her hips. Paola kneels behind, her tongue probing Kellemarie's pussy and arse. She slips a finger into her pussy. Kellemarie closes her eyes and gently rocks as she's played with.

Pleasure Seekers is one of the most artistically shot films I've seen in a long time. Slow motion gives the girls that sexy allure as, bathed in light, their hair is gently lifted by a wind machine. The sex in the film is simple and hot (Rebeca getting DP'd) though not over played. More about capturing the bewitching atmosphere and mood of the performances, Pleasure Seekers is truly an erotic masterpiece.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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