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Released: 2008
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Notes and Reviews

Running time: 126 mins.

In Peep Show Uncovered, director Phil Barry has adopted a documentary style for the film, inter-cutting the action with sections of interviews with the girls and guys who appear, along with anonymous 'silhouette' explanations from the punters who attend. All the scenes are shot on a set swathed in reds, pinks and mauves, with a spattering of potted palms and feather boas to add to the atmosphere. A neon sign reading Peep Show hangs in the background, just in case you mistake the set for a seedy bordello.

In her bright red dress, Lala starts off the proceedings telling us why she likes the work. Stripped to her silver bra and panties, she kneels on a large purple coloured bed. Alex plants his fingers in her pussy. Cut to a section of black and white interview. When we return, Lala has her face full of cock. More time-outs here from 'Pervy Punter' and Alex. Each time we return, Lala is in a different position. Missionary is followed by doggy then cowgirl, normal and reverse. After the final chat, Lala and Alex's bodies are glistening with sweat from their shagging. Alex wanks his load over Lala's face.

The next four 21 minute scenes featuring Paige, Emily, Sabrina and Avalon are almost identical: sections of action interspersed with interviews. The rigid format looks as if it was time tabled - 75 seconds fanny fingering, 95 seconds oral, interview...

The final scene with Donna and Vinny Bones is slightly different. It appears to be the soft-core version with shots of bobbing heads, legs, backs and feet - but no action. After 21 minutes it ends without the customary cum shot.

The overall impression is of a 'bitty' and very repetitive film. It may have been better if different answers were given during the mock interviews, but the only thing to change was the girls' and guys' names. Peep Show Uncovered is not one of the better films to come out from Pumpkin and their is little of merit to make it worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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