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Released: 2005
Director: Daniel Dakota
Notes: Adam & Eve
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Running time: 150 mins.

With its styling, sets and sound track resembling the original, Pulp Friction is one of the best sex spoofs of its type. The DVD even has Ava Rose in the famous bed pose on the cover!! Evan Stone and John E. Depth play the leading roles, as the hit men with a difference. Their dicks are their weapons. The two mix with the mob and a series of homicidal nymphomaniacs, as they try to steer clear of trouble... but it never works.

The final scene in the film sees Poppy Morgan, lying on the couch, flicking through the channels on her TV screen. John E. Depth appears at the French windows. Judging from his dark suit, Poppy knows he's not the pool boy. He must have come to fuck her arse!!! Lifting her short pink skirt, she smears her hairy minge over John E's face. He laps at Poppy's clit. Flat on her back, Poppy pulls her lips apart. John E.'s tongue probes deep into her pussy. Loosening his trousers, Poppy squeezes John E.'s balls as she swallows his staff. Sticking her bum high in the air, John E. does press-ups on her pussy. She twists round to ride his cock. Poppy guides the shiny wet shaft into her arse and bangs herself down on it. The pair roll onto their sides to fuck spoons. Poppy is turned upside down and John E. pile drives her arse. Unable to hold back, he jerks his jizz over her face and neck. Poppy licks her lips.

Pulp Friction is a great film to watch and is so cleverly done. Daniel Dakota has the look and feel just about right. The action rips along but never seems hurried, and there's even some decent acting and dialogue as well. Quality performances in a first rate film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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