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Released: 2006
Director: Kojo Black
Notes: Sweetmeats
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Review copy courtesy Sweetmeats

Pixie Licks is a perfect example of the sort of film you can make when you have the two T's, Time and Talent, in abundance. Nadia not only appears in every scene but provides natural links introducing each one and producing enough star quality to carry the whole two and a half hours. This is a naturally sensuous film, shot entirely with available light and a camera that lingers in close up on the girl's bodies. There are few other mechanical aids with most of the action restricted to lips, fingers and pussies. Whether filmed in sunlight streaming through a dirty window with Karen, the darkness of Vicky's bedroom or the brightness in front of Kellemarie's window, the beautiful action is always clearly captured.

The only story here is of Nadia the tart, always ready to casually jump or get jumped by a friend, but then that's porn for you.

Nadia returns home with Bella to find a very large mirror has been delivered. Over a cuppa these two old friends decide to get it on together and after unwrapping the mirror they unwrap themselves, using their reflections to nice effect. After a little time amongst the brown paper and bubble wrap on the floor the girls continue their kissing, licking and fingering on the sofa to the end of the scene.

Karen is a friend of Nadia who works in a bike shop and who becomes a friend in need when Nadia gets a puncture. Before Karen can get Nadia's inner tube out, the girls are undressing each other in the back of the shop and are fortunate to find an old mattress to continue their sexual activities.

Down on the beach at Brighton, Karina and Nadia are having a picnic and trying out Nadia's new digital camera. Finding a large function room nearby and making an impromptu set with some tables, Karina strips for more pictures. Naturally the girls get carried away in between shutter clicks. Karina has come prepared and reveals a small vibrating strap on which, when inserted into Nadia, has spectacular results. As the lengthy scene progresses another tiny vibrator is used, this time on Karina.

Vicky is getting intimate with Nadia on the train. Both girls are glammed up in fluorescent fishnets and brightly coloured dresses, returning late from an all night party to the flat that Vicky shares with her boyfriend. Fortunately the boyfriend is just leaving for some football so the girls have the place to themselves. The sex here is a little harder, with ripped tights and a decent-sized black strap-on that Nadia uses on Vicky towards the end of the scene.

For Kellemarie and Nadia the action is much slower and more sensual as the pair massage each other with oils (and even an ice cube) in Kellemarie's flat. The contrast between Kellemarie's ice cool blonde and Nadia's perky browness is perfect. Much of the slow sensuous action takes place in front of a large window, but fortunately the flat is several floors up.

Pixie Licks is a very good girl-girl film. It is also a triumph for Nadia who not only stars but gets co-directing and co-production credits too. This probably reflects the nature of the project that must have taken a long time to film, with extensive exterior locations, links between scenes and action with five different girls. Producer Kojo Black and Director Andy Ide have delivered a film of which they can be proud and we can thoroughly enjoy.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2007

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