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Released: 2006
Notes: Red Light District
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Running time: 166 mins.

With Angel Long and Isabel Ice in a film you expect something special, and with the help of Aaliyah Jolie and Alicia Angel in their scenes you're not disappointed. It's therefore a pity that, apart from the dark haired Spanish speaking Rebecca Linares, the rest of the girls are mediocre in Perversions Unleashed.

Under a clear blue sky Aaliyah Jolie stands in a shiny pink micro bikini and mules. Angel crawls along the path almost identically dressed and starts to lick her feet. As Angel's tongue slowly makes it's way up Aaliyah's long legs the similarity in the two girls becomes strikingly apparent. Angel straightens up, her tits out to be sucked. Aaliyah works her way down her body and laps at her pussy. The two set off in search of cock, and, in an airy modern room, they find it. The girls lounge back on a sofa, red jel toys in their arses. They pull them out as a couple of guys approach. Open mouthed, the pair fill their throats, Angel getting a guy to sit on her face while Aaliyah sucks and dribbles over her tits. Pushing the boys back on the sofa, the girls guide the cocks up their arses and ride reverse, swapping guys half way through. With a dick in her bum, Angel arches back to take a second in her pussy. Aaliyah dives in to taste the juices. Aaliyah takes both blokes cowgirl. Angel fingers herself as she licks at the balls before her second go at double dicking. Both girls upend themselves to be pile driven and the hammering leaves their arses gaping. They kneel, mouths open, but Aaliyah takes both loads of spunk. Angel uses her tongue to get at the cream.

Alicia Angel suns herself in a shiny black basque and PVC panties. A blonde Isabel Ice, in black bikini and thigh-length boots, joins her. The girls kiss and caress, playing with each other's boobs before heading inside, out of the midday glare. Pulling down Isabel's knickers, Alicia finds a big black plug wedged up her arse. She pulls it out and licks it. Alicia bends forward, her PVC panties pulled tight over the end of a big red dildo stuck up her bum. Isabel eases it out. A cock arrives and the girls go to lick. Their heads back, the two have their throats fucked, dribbling spit as they swallow dick. With a cock in Alicia's arse, Isabel laps at her juice-covered cunt. Slipping the dick up her bum, Isabel sits back, legs akimbo so Alicia can lick at her hairy muff. With shouts and screams she bangs away. Stretching her bum hole wide, Isabel wants a tongue in her ring, but she ends up being pounded. Propped up against each other the girls get pile-driven. They reposition, lying on top of each other for a double deck shag. The pair crouch. Alicia takes the cum in her mouth then, opening Isabel's arse, drops it in. Standing over Alicia's face, Isabel lets the cream fall from her hole onto the waiting tongue. The two kiss.

Whilst the first (Angel) and last (Isabel) scenes were dirty and horny, the same couldn't be said about the rest of the film. Lystra and Melissa Martin gave a lacklustre 'vanilla flavoured' performance which lacked passion and enthusiasm. Rebecca Linares's scene was much better, but still not on a par with the British pair's performance. Perversion Unleashed has 1 hours of hot action in an almost 3 hour film - not bad, but not brilliant.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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