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Released: 2006
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Rude Britannia / Poppy Morgan Productions
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 110 mins.

In the second of the 'Pupils' series, Poppy has found five new girls, four making their first appearance on film and the fifth, Myla, in her first girl/girl scene. As with the previous film, all the action is shot in Poppy's home by able director-cum-cameraman Darren.

Sitting on her piano stool in her red basque and stockings, Poppy introduces the first of her new intake of pupils. Aaliyah, in her black net top and micro denim skirt, bunches up beside Poppy on the stool for a bit of a chat. Removing Aaliyah's shirt the two kiss, Poppy's hand wandering into her black knickers then easing her tits out of her bra to suck on. Undressed, the girls rub their bodies together, Poppy moving down to fill her mouth with pussy. The pair end on the floor 69ing. Aaliyah stands, legs open, leaning against the piano. Poppy climbs between her legs and the two then finger themselves to orgasm.

The next girl Poppy introduces is Sheila, a plain looking Australian who is now living in Britain. Wearing an unflattering striped blue dress and unsexy scuffed trainers, she sits on the sofa. Poppy pulls out her bag of toys and gets Sheila to choose her weapon. Picking the smallest won't do. Poppy stuffs bigger and bigger dildos into her mouth. Sheila is left to play with herself as Poppy pulls on her strap-on. Returning, she gets her to hang her head over the edge of the sofa to fuck her throat. Bending to be taken doggy, Sheila's fanny lets out some amazing farts as Poppy prods it with her plastic prick. Pushing a larger toy into Sheila's tight pussy makes her cum.

Tanned, slim, blonde Twinkle appears in scene 3, taking Sheila's spot on the sofa. Poppy lifts her tits out of their black bra to suck, then moves south lapping at her knickers. Stripped, Twinkle trembles and squirms with pleasure as Poppy fingers then licks her clit. Her joy intensifies when a toy is slipped into her pussy. Down on all fours, Poppy puts her feet on Twinkle's bum as she pounds her pussy with a toy. All the work has made Twinkle very wet. Her juices shower Poppy and she ends up hiding under a brolly. Turning Twinkle onto her shoulders, Poppy licks at her juices as she shoves the toy deep into her love tunnel. She climaxes and the two end in a heap on the floor.

Dressed in her thigh-length black boots and white top, Poppy tries to settle down nervous Nasrin by getting her to deep throat a vibrator. She then undoes her baggy pink halter neck top to play with her generously-proportioned boobs. Getting Nasrin to finger fuck herself makes her loose her inhibitions. Just as well, as Poppy goes down to feed on her hairy minge. Nasrin pulls open her pink pussy to take a toy. Poppy finds her cunt tight so squeezes in a bottle of lube. The dildo enters with ease. Lube oozes out and runs over Nasrin's arse. Nasrin is smiling now - she is enjoying herself. Poppy continues the wanking, going harder and faster till Nasrin orgasms.

This may not be dark haired Myla's first film but it's her first girl-on-girl scene. She stands against the glass wall in Poppy's bedroom in her white lace lingerie. Unfastening her bra, Poppy runs her tongue from the nape of her neck down her spine to her bum. Her hand enters her panties. Myla unclips Poppy's black basque and sucks on her nipples before dropping to lick her semi-shaved pussy. The two lie on the bed and finger fuck each other. Myla moves and her tongue penetrates Poppy. The girls end up 69ing on the bed dildos in hand. After a good long session the two take their toys and wank themselves to climax.

Some very nice and raunchy girl on girl stuff from Poppy and well-filmed and directed by Darren. It's obvious he has picked up some camera tips from Kendo. As for the new girls, Sheila slightly let herself down in her choice of clothes and lack of make-up, looking as if she had just walked in off the street. The rest were great. Lets hope we see more of them. The Morgans have done a good job in introducing fresh talent to the screen.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (May 2006):

Review copy courtesy Rude Britannia

Sitting on a piano stool, Poppy, dressed in red, introduces Aaliyah in black and blue denim microskirt. With much kissing and licking the girls undress and when both are naked lie on the floor for 69 and more kissing and licking. During the introduction Aaliyah says she's a model who's done a bit of everything - well worth looking out for the other stuff from this big-boobed beauty.

Second scene features Sheila, in just a tight t-shirt dress, who explains she is an Aussie on an extended stay away from her boyfriend at home, so this scene presumably predates Squat on My Lens. The usual little girly chat before Poppy empties the contents of the sex shop over the sofa for Sheila to choose a dildo. Sheila chooses a massive flexible plastic cock before she is confronted by Poppy's black strap-on. Nicely unshaven, Sheila takes the strap-on in doggy before returning, naked, to the sofa and solo dildo action. Poppy's not finished and pushing Sheila into pildedriver position she lubes her pupil then rams a variety of long dildos into her pussy.

Twinkle is a 21 year old dental nurse. Tall, slim, tanned, with a mass of blonde hair she's certainly model material. Both girls get naked on the leather sofa before Poppy starts pushing the contents of her toybox up Twinkle's pussy. Poppy's pupil accommodates the plastic with aplomb, smiling at the camera in the manor of a tv presnter faced with witchetty grubs rather than getting seriously turned on. Poppy gets more response by licking Twinkle's pussy in piledriver, but probably not enough for Twinkle to enjoy a career in porn.

Nasrin is a dark skinned stripper/lapdancer/model with a curvy figure and really big hair. After her interview on the sofa, Poppy tries a few toys before lying naked on the sofa and fingering her neatly timmed pussy. Lubed up, Poppy slips the full blue length of a dildo into Nasrin's pussy before the scene ends. More please.

Myla, first seen in Knob Noshers, gets a PM interview on the bed alongside a trendy glass block wall. Poppy removes Myla's white undies. Both girls undress completely (Poppy sports a neatly trimmed pubic bush) and return to the bed for some prolonged finger work before the dildos are introduced in 69. More dildo action before the girls do themselves, lyng side by side on the bed.

Can't make up my mind about this series. Some of Poppy's pupils seem to be newbies although 'stripper' and 'dancer' are hardly completely new; while Mya and Aaliyah have boy-girl hardcore sets on the web already. In some respects it seems just an excuse to get Poppy's girl-girl legover.

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