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Released: 2006
Notes: Xesbus.com
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Review copy courtesy Your Choice

The third release through Your Choice of material from Xesbus.com. The Your Choice website has quite good descriptive notes and clips (so writing this review was a doddle then? ed). More new faces join in here, but BDSM freak Bek just can't keep away.

Avalon is gaining a reputation for kinky sex and her gorgeous body and hard good looks are perfectly suited to this kind of work. Naked apart from thigh length black boots, Avalon is set against black drapes and her arms are secured over her head. For your reviewer 15 minutes of this would have been plenty, but she is whipped and slapped with a variety of tools by MK, enough to raise a little pinkness in Avalon's flesh.

Mr Black swathes Bek in ropes around her breasts, securing her arms behind her back, continuing with her legs (thigh to calf) and held apart, finishing with a flourish by tying her big toes together. Completely immobile and face down on a padded table, Bek is rammed with a dildo on a pole much in the manor of an artilleryman at Waterloo. The dildo is replaced with a g-spot vibrator and Mr Black's fingers and Bek's pussy gushes.

Naked Charlotte lies across Mr Black's lap and has her bottom smacked and her pussy rubbed in this very brief scene.

Emma-Louise is spreadeagled, her arms roped to the ceiling, allowing Mr Black to apply two vacuum cups to her nipples with some delicacy. Emma-Louise's initial discomfort ebbs away as she gets the electric shock treatment to her pussy and nipples before bucking and screaming as the g-spot vibrator does its work.

Unusually amongst Xesbus models, Jo Jo is a bigger girl. She is already suspended on her back in rubber slings and wearing a black mask when Mr Black applies labial clamps and rubs her clit. Naked, apart from scarlet heels, Mr Black adjusts the harness height so Jo Jo rises to a sitting position, then he applies a variety of vibrators and dildos to her pussy including a black monster, the g-spot and the red one on a stick. Thoughtfully Mr Black enhances Jo Jo's pleasure with a variety of nipple clamps.

Miki is another girl suspended in a sling. Sitting with her arms secured to the support straps over her head, Miki is helpless to prevent MK's fingers slipping into her pussy. Naked, apart from black boots, the early part of this scene is mainly clips and caresses followed by light whipping. Next, Miki lies on her back with her legs secured in the air and her arms tied under the bench. More whipping sends Miki's body into uncontrolled quivering. Although a gentle stroke with a bottle brush sends her over the edge, Mr Black follows-up with a vibrator (left inserted) and his electrical tool, making Miki scream and judder in equal measure.

More exquisite work from MK and Mr Black, with hardcore favourites obviously enjoying something a little different.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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