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Released: 2006 (DVD)
Director: Big Jim
Notes: Adultmade
Alternate Titles
  • Kelle Marie's Pussy Party 2004 TVX series
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy Adultmade Films.

A quite staggering collection of scenes with every one featuring drop-dead gorgeous girls, lead by Kelle Marie, in strong girl-girl action.

1. Plastic Pricks
Kelle Marie, Belle, Keira, Louise Evans, Karen Wood
Kelle Marie has got the girls round (although Karen is missing). With a couple of bottles of wine open and a selection of dildos on the coffee table the conversation is getting raunchy. When the subject of knickers comes up, the girls flash their's, except for Kelle who isn't wearing any so simply flashes a nicely trimmed bush as she pulls off her skirt. The other three girls slip off their knicks just as Karen arrives sober. The rest of the girls fall on Karen, pulling off her clothes, and this unleashes a blizzard of kissing, fingering and pussylicking. Eventually the girls are all completely naked, so Kelle and Louise strap on the dildos with Belle and Keira the lucky recipients of plastic pricks in their pussies.

2 Dildo Dungeon
Kelle Marie, McKenzie Lee, Abigail Toyne, Vicky Scott
Set in a fetishist's shop, the four girls wear different pastel-coloured rubber outfits that left me a feeling of the Power Rangers that I just couldn't shake off. Rubber bras, pants, leotards and gloves all matching and all wearing rubber stockings (matching in some cases) and massive heels. The action is pretty much four-way from the start over a padded couch with kissing, fingers and licking. Another four sensational girls - my only complaint, where were the dildos?

3. Screaming Orgasms
Kelle Marie, Nadia Hayes, Sadie Leech, Amber [9]
Four girls, four drinks, an empty bar and it's party time. The barmaid puts on some music and Kelle's on the table flashing her bits - it's true, she doesn't wear knickers! Amber and Nadia take a turn on the table before the girls squat on the floor for a game of spin the bottle followed by four way fingering and licking until everyone is undressed. For no reason in particular Sadie and Kelle reappear with modest sized strap-ons and in no time at all Kelly is fucking Amber doggystyle against the bar and Nadia gets her's missionary on a table. A little more four-way mayhem to close.

4. The Stripper (Hen Night)
Kelle Marie, Faye Dixie, Katie Austin, Sasha Paris, Tamara Noon
Faye is the bride-to-be and her friends have booked Kelle Marie to strip for them at home. Although the wine has been flowing the girls need little encouragement. First Kelle strips, then undresses Faye throwing her back, naked, to her mates on the sofa while she does solo things with a clear plastic dildo. Then Kelle attacks Faye's pussy with her tongue which is the cue for the rest to get involved and get undressed. Two-ways, three-ways, four-ways and five-ways on the sofa, coffee table and floor as fingers and tongues find pussies and bums.

A fine DVD which, even for those of us who feel a pussy isn't fucked until it's filled with a stick of warm flesh, will find the sight of so many beautiful girls naked together quite arousing. Congratulations to Big Jim and his team for the attention to detail, great art direction, costumes and make up; fine locations, excellent camerawork and sound quality. There's quite a lot of improvised conversation early on in most of the scenes that seems both natural and not excruciatingly boring.

110 minutes of the prettiest pussies in porn. Recommended, and for gg fans, essential.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2006

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