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Released: 2005
Director: Denis Marti
Notes: Hustler
Alternate Titles
  • Hustler's The Professianals 9
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 175 mins.

Denis Marti has stuffed his film about female 'hit girls' full of European beauties including Britain's own Roxy Jezel and Keira. The story line may be non-existent, but, with almost three hours of nicely-shot hard hot action, you don't miss it.

The film starts with three guys looking for three lovely assassins. Vanda Venus and Liliane Tiger bust in through the door while Roxy Jezel prefers a more subtle approach with a Samurai sword. Undoing her fur coat, Roxy bends to suck one of the gang. The other girls follow her lead. Liliane drops her denim skirt and offers her pierced pussy to be licked and Vanda runs her tongue around a guy's balls. Roxy strips to her black boots and climbs aboard the third guy reverse cowgirl. Tasting all three cocks, Roxy embarks on some acrobatics. Wrapping her legs around the guy's waist, she suspends herself on his shaft. He carries her to the sofa where she joins the other girls. Changing partners, Roxy tries a cock at each end then laps at Vanda's pussy. The pussy plundering over, the girls pull at their arses for some anal action. Liliane gets stuffed by two guys while Roxy moans in the background as her bum is stretched, only quietening down when a dick is slipped down her throat. Then the girls wait open-mouthed for their reward - three loads of cum.

Keira, in vintage-looking pink lingerie and leopard-patterned stockings, slides her gun under the mattress, then lies on the bed to read the paper. A string of pearls swing out from her cleavage as she leans forward to turn the page. Denis enters from the bathroom and Keira unzips his trousers and takes his cock deep down her throat, holding his balls as her lips clasp his shaft. Kneeling, Keira's nipples peek out of her top as Denis slips his hands into her panties. Suspenders undone, Keira slowly lowers her pussy down his length and spreads her legs wide as they shag. Climbing off, she dribbles on the shaft then swallows. Mounting cowgirl, she continues the grinding and gyrating, then she lets out a groan as the dick enters her arse. She holds the bed head as she bounces up and down. She lies on her side for the bum banging to continue till Denis is ready to cum. Then Keira wanks his cock into her mouth.

With Monica Sweetheart, Jasmine Rouge and Pricilla being fucked on a motor bike, there's plenty going on in the film and, being produced by Hustler, the camera work and sets are top quality. The film is also educational ... never shag on a car park floor; tall blonde Pricilla produced some fine work but by the time of the cum shot she was covered in dust. A great three hours' viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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