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Released: 2005
Director: Conrad Son
Notes: Private Black Label 38
Alternate Titles
  • Chateau 3
  • Private Chateau 3
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 126 mins.

In the final part of Private's lavishly-shot trilogy, McKenzie Lee appears alongside Brit Scottie Andrews (Claire Kiernan) and nine other European girls in this tale of a Spanish Chateau. The complex plot covers double crossing, inheritance, buried treasure, murder and lots of sex.

Cleared of involvement in the murder of the lawyer (Steve Hooper) but with her shady past uncovered, McKenzie is determined to locate the 1000 year old treasure left by the Moors when they fled the area and enlists the help of a psychic (Ellen Saint) to help with the hunt.

In the Chateau's vineyards the crop is taking time to harvest, the students employed being keener to pull pricks than pick grapes.

Indoors things aren't much better. The housekeeper, realising the new mistress of the house is unhappy with her marriage, tries to influence her by introducing her to the art of lesbian sex. Things don't quite go to plan. All the activity drives the mistress back to the arms of her apathetic husband.

A lawyer who is investigating the murder calls into the kitchen to interview the staff. She finds the maid with a mouth full of cock and joins in. The girls are well and truly pumped, but in their pussies and not for information.

Psychic Ellen becomes convinced that the only way she can interpret the treasure map is to drink the spunk of a direct descendent of the person who drew it; so she sets off to shag the Chateau owner.

Following the sex session the owner reveals more of the sordid past of Steve Hooper and McKenzie. In a flash back Steve tells chamber maid Scottie that she will have to show him favours if she want his help in a legal case. She drops to her knees and takes his cock in her mouth. McKenzie enters the room and, seeing what's going on, decides to do the same to the valet, running her tongue across his dick and around his balls. With the two guys sitting side by side on the sofa the girls go for a ride, McKenzie bouncing up and down reverse cowgirl while Scottie faces Steve. Moving, Scottie fondles McKenzie's boobs as she slowly sinks Steve's shaft in her arse. Pulling her legs back, she wants a second cock in her pussy. She turns over with both guys still hammering away. Scottie wants some of the same and lies to be taken up the bum by Steve. The girls sit back-to-back as the guys spray jizz over their faces and they give each other a spunky kiss.

Short of cash, the Chateau owner sells the wine business to his rival, the father of his daughter-in-law. The vineyards are immediately transferred to the ownership of Private Wines and, to celebrate, the new management decide to fuck the local TV reporter and her female assistant who have come to film the signature.

Finally, it is disclosed that the Chateau owner has an illegitimate son who is the rightful heir to the estate and the daughter of the businessman is not really his child. Confused? What happened to the treasure and who murdered Steve Hooper... that would be telling.

Beautifully shot and staged, with good hot action, the film is slightly let down by the complexity and delivery of the plot. Poor Ellen Saint, along with a couple of other girls, speak English with such a strong accent, you haven't a clue what they say (even with subtitles on!!). Having said that, it is a good film, but you need to watch episodes 1 and 2 before attempting this one.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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