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Released: 2005
Director: Conrad Son
Notes: Private Black Label 37
Alternate Titles
  • Chateau 2
  • Private Chateau 2
Notes and Reviews

This is the second part of Private's expensively shot trilogy about a Spanish Chateau where McKenzie Lee stars with some of the best girls from Europe, including Mya Diamond. In its 1000-year history the Chateau has seen family feud, betrayal, greed, lust and murder with McKenzie involved in all of them.

With her step-daughter married off to the Chateau owner's son in a loveless marriage, McKenzie's lover is mysteriously murdered. During their investigations the police uncover McKenzie's murky past as a high-class hooker. Her step daughter isn't fairing much better. She confides in the maid that she doesn't know how to satisfy her new husband. With help from the valet they set about educating her, her father-in-law joining in to pass on his experience.

Getting an ex-colleague to entertain the Chateau owner, McKenzie steals some valuable documents, then makes her way to seduce Mya Diamond, her ex-husband's new lover and the inheritor of the family wine business.

The girls kiss and caress in an empty tasting room. McKenzie slides between Mya's legs - its not wine she wants to quaff. Taking a pink dildo, McKenzie slips it into Mya's pussy. She then uses a blue vibe on her bum. Lifting her white lace dress, Mya laps at McKenzie's minge before filling her pussy and arse with toys. The juices run as the two fondle and rub and the scene ends with each hammering into the other's pussy.

As you would expect from Private the film is wonderfully located and shot, with seven very beautiful girls. A lot more time is spent in this film expanding the plot which means there is slightly less action than Part 1, but it is brilliantly done and forms part of the story line. If you want a story and acting as well as hot horny sex then Chateau Pt 2 is for you, though it would make sense to watch part 1 first.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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