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Released: 2005
Director: David Stanley
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 78 mins.

Ashley Long stars, with the American girls Mercedez and Devon Michaels, in David Stanley's plot-based film Perfect Kiss. In a series of current scenes and flashbacks the story unfolds. 10 years ago at a party Mercedez gave the perfect blow job, had the perfect fuck and ended with the perfect kiss, but things didn't turn out quite as expected. In the intervening years a lot has happened; so when she reunites with her old college friends to recreate the perfect kiss who knows what may happen?

Ashley appears with Mario Rosso in the middle of the film. Sitting by the pool she takes his cock, then balls, in her mouth. A light breeze ruffles her hair as she slides the dick past her tonsils. Removing her vest she continues to wank on Mario's manhood as he runs his hands over her body. Leaning forward, Mario slips his cock between Ashley's legs. She gently rocks back on his cock. Standing astride Mario, Ashley rubs the head of his knob over her wet lips then plunges it deep into her pussy, her bum slapping hard on his thighs. Ashley kneels to catch Mario's jizz in her mouth.

As you would expect from Vivid, the production standards are very high and the film is exquisitely shot. The plot is also carefully thought through with the sex enhancing the story line. As for the girls, it's nice to see Ashley with her pert natural boobs beside the silicon-stuffed starlets. A great erotic movie to watch with a glass or two of wine.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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