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Released: 2005
Director: Darren Morgan
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Pussy Pounding
Notes and Reviews

Young Naomi looks particularly cute in a small white top, pink miniskirt and her short blonde hair in a ponytail. She joins Pascal on a bed and starts to suck his cock. While Naomi stays connected to his cock, Pascal undresses then releases Naomi's tits from her top, and what a perfect little pair they are. Pascal fucks Naomi missionary in a very natural way while she keeps her skirt, shoes and white ankle socks on. Naomi lets her hair down as she sucks Pascal's cock again then he fucks her cowgirl followed by deep doggy and more missionary. Pascal cums over her lovely tits, then Naomi gives Pascal's knob a little rub with her stockinged feet.

In her lounge Poppy, wearing just bra and pants, is going through a vast DVD collection to find a copy of 'RearEnders'. However Pascal would rather do anal sex than watch it so he slips her pants off and licks her pussy as she sits on the coffee table. When both are naked Pascal fucks Poppy on the table in missionary and doggy, then anal in the same positions. Finally Pascal removes Poppy's shoes and uses her feet to wank himself off.

Staying in the lounge, Poppy and Vicky have squeezed themselves into black rubber dresses (a tough task given the fullness of Vicky's boobs which strain for release) and they have, at their disposal, slim blonde Ria. The girls remove Ria's streetclothes and go to work on her pussy. As Vicky undresses she reveals she is already wearing a black strap-on dildo which she encourages Ria to suck then take in her pussy in doggy and reverse cowgirl. Poppy takes over strap-on duty and fucks the now-naked Vicky and they fuck on the carpet. Finally Poppy gets a strap-on shafting from Ria as all are engaged in threeway sex.

In the Morgan's blue bedroom Serena wears nothing but a scarlet minidress (with matching heels and lip gloss) that has so many straps and cut out panels that it struggles to cover her lovely curves. Pascal slips off his own red tracksuit bottoms to get his cock sucked, then he pushes Serena back on the bed and fucks her face to face. Serena's dress is so short that she doesn't have to lift it to permit Pascal to lick her pussy. More good honest fucking in cowgirl, doggy and more missionary as Serena's dress retreats to a belt round her waist. Finally a perspiring Serena kneels in front of Pascal to take his spunk right on her tongue.

A quick blink and Pascal is on the same bed, this time with Vicky in her red underwear. Pascal quickly undresses and removes Vicky's pants and gives her pussy a good tonguing as she lies on the bed. Once the couple are naked they fuck hard in all positions on the bed with both Vicky and Pascal working up a fine sweat. The scene ends with Pascal shooting into kneeling Vicky's mouth as she gazes up at him, wide-eyed with her rather disconcerting bright blue contact lenses.

In the next scene Vicky joins Natalia in another of Poppy's bedrooms. Both girls soon lose all their underwear and deliver quite an arousing scene. The early emphasis is on deep kissing and licking which continues throughout. The girls do have a small silver vibrator and a Rabbit, but these are only briefly used.

Vicky, Serena and Janca are in Poppy's kitchen. The girls start in their underwear, but pants and bras are soon discarded and a threeway on the worktops and on the tiles follows. All the girls get a little dildo action before they wave goodbye.

Poppy and Vicky are putting the finishing touches to their makeup when they decide not to go out but to stay in and have sex. Poppy strips to her black thighboots while Vicky keeps her basque and black stockings on. Once again plenty of licking and kissing followed by some good dildo activity with a variety of toys.

The 30 minute long extra scene consists of a different perspective on Pascal and Serena's scene, presumably filmed by Poppy as we see John Mason shooting stills, then both John and hubby Darren filming the video action.

Poppy Morgan and husband Daren are building a fine porn production factory at their home. Unfortunately, while the talent and the sex is always good, there is often a tendency to let it go on too long and the structure of the films is poor. Not so here. The sex, whether boy-girl or girl-girl, is generally arousing, hard and satisfying, with relative newcomers Serena and Naomi giving top-class shows. My only unease is with the running order and the mix of scenes, otherwise a fine film warmly recommended.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Poppy Morgan has branched out from just appearing in films into the production of them as well. In Pussy Pounding she is joined by the experienced Vicky Powell, the Belgian Janca and four relative new comers Ria, Naomi, Natalia and Serena, for eight hot scenes.

Blonde Naomi, in white top and pink skirt, is in the en-suite bathroom when Pascal comes into the bedroom. She pulls his trousers down to wrap her mouth round his cock as he rubs her pussy through her white knickers. Moving down, Pascal starts to lick pussy, the panties are removed to gain easier access for his tongue and fingers while Naomi pulls her lips apart. Lying on the bed she prepares to take Pascal's prick in her wet pussy. Covered in juice Naomi tastes herself before sliding down onto Pascal's cock and riding him. Back on the bed she hooks her arms under her knees and pulls her pussy open for Pascal to enter. More pounding follows and ends with Naomi's skirt and tits getting covered in cream.

Poppy, dressed in a white basque and panties, is standing on a coffee table sorting through the top shelf of a DVD collection when she is joined by Pascal. The knickers come off and Pascal has his head buried deep between Poppy's legs. Poppy sits on the edge of the table to take more tongue then starts to wank Pascal's prick in her mouth. Pulling Poppy's pussy open Pascal eases his full length inside her. The scene is then inter-cut with the pair in various positions. Poppy then bends over to be taken up the arse. Sweat drips of Pascal's balls as he bangs away at Poppy's bum. The scene ends with a bit of foot wanking, Poppy working Pascal's dick with her feet until he cums on her toes.

PVC-clad Poppy and Vicky have someone new to play with - Ria, in a white bra and denim skirt. Stripped, Ria has her tits played with and is told to suck Vicky's strap-on. Ria then has to suck on Poppy's pussy, getting it wrong. Vicky shows how it should be done. This time she is much better as her tongue laps at Poppy's lips and clit. Vicky's strap-on comes into play with Ria taking a good pounding. It's then Poppy's turn to don the strap-on and use it on Vicky. Finally Ria tries on the plastic dick but no matter what she does Poppy wants it harder and faster. The scene ends with Poppy finger fucking Ria's fanny, she climaxes just as a police siren passes outside.

In a red strappy dress and matching high heels Serena is in a blue bedroom with Pascal. She has no problems taking his length into her mouth while he probes her clean-shaven pussy. Running his tongue over Serena's clit, he gets her wet and ready for action. Serena gets her pussy filled from the front, from behind and by riding Pascal; and after plenty of banging away her reward is to have her tongue covered in cum.

Scene 5 is a rerun of scene 4 but substitute Vicky with her Brazilian for bald-pussied Serena.

Vicky catches Natalia wanking on her bed and immediately starts to finger and lick her. Natalia strips Vicky out of her black basque sliding her digits deep into Vicky's pussy. Full on sucking and finger-fucking follow. Vicky then produces a silver vibrator slipping the entire length into Natalia's pussy. Once the girls have licked the juices off the vibe Natalia starts working a red "rabbit" into Vicky, but gives up preferring to use her fingers and mouth. Sucking her lips into her mouth and darting her tongue over Vicky's clit soon makes her cum.

Heavily-tattooed Janca is in the kitchen with Vicky (in a red bikini) and Serena (in a black one). The girls indulge in a little nipple sucking and panty rubbing, then take to the floor for some hard licking and finger fucking. Janca climbs onto the corner unit, her legs wide apart so Vicky can get to her fanny while Serena stands above being licked out. Serena then has her turn on the corner unit before moving back to the floor for more three-way action. Serena fills her pussy with a pink vibrator and Janca takes a blue gel toy in her hole. Vicky is the last to pound her pussy with plastic. The three then leave for a shower.

Dressed in black basques, Poppy and Vicky are getting ready to go out for the night, but a change of plan sees them stay in for some bedroom fun. The girls caress each other running their hands over breasts and bums before embarking on some serious fanny fingering. The pair then 69, licking and sucking to get the juices flowing. It's then toy time. Vicky buries a red toy hard in her hole while Poppy pushes a pink plastic vibe in her pussy. The girls then make use of a small clit stimulator and finish each other off with their fingers.

The camera work, staging and direction in this are very much in the style of John Mason and in the bonus (29 minutes) you see John shooting one of the scenes. You also get the occasional shot of the cameraman's foot or the second camera, which could have been edited out with the loss of only a few seconds out of each scene. The other slight niggle is dirty lenses, spots on the screen can be irritating - cameramen please make note. Finally the running order of the scenes. Each scene is good with new fresh girls in hot action, but putting two almost identical scenes (4 & 5) back to back? With eight scenes there are plenty of other combinations that could have been used.

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