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Released: 2004
Director: Skye Blue
Notes: Wicked
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Running time: 77 mins.

For her first film for Wicked, actress turned director, Skye Blue, has turned to the world of high art and even higher finance for her film The Portrait. Dealer Steve French has an alluring painting up for sale which has mysterious properties. Every one wants it but few know its secrets. As people look at the painting, Stormy, the subject, comes to life enticing the viewer to experience their fantasies.

Stormy starts off watching Nicole Sheriden being seduced and having sex in a luxury mansion.

Art buyer Ashley views the painting. She must have it. In her green silk suit, she discusses the price with Steve. It's too expensive, but she can offer more than money ... Undoing his jacket, she runs her hands over his body. Then, slipping off his shirt and trousers, Ashley bends to play with his cock and balls before popping them in her mouth. Steve strokes Ashley's long blonde hair as his dick glides past her tonsils. Laying her back, he eases down her black knickers. Her wet pussy glistens and he tastes it. Steve's condom-covered cock enters Ashley. He holds open her legs as he thrusts deep and fast. Ashley sits up, flipping Steve back to ride him cowgirl. Then, kneeling on the sofa, she parts her juice covered lips to be taken doggy. Crouching, Ashley gets her face gets covered in cream. She's done enough to secure the picture.

The caretaker at the gallery has become smitten by the portrait and will do anything to keep it. Stormy takes him to an atmospherically-lit patio where Lisa Marie and Jezabelle Bond are indulging in some boy/girl/girl action.

When Ashley turns up with the rest of the payment the caretaker tells her the painting is a fake. She thunders off followed by Steve. As he looks at the picture Stormy transports him back in time. She stands in her long white night dress and Kellemarie approaches from behind. Lifting the nightdress she slowly caresses her body. Kellemarie falls to the floor and her fingers glide over Stormy's pussy. She forces her face against her moist lips. Stripped, Kellemarie sits on a wash stand, her legs apart to be finger fucked. Stormy laps at the gaping pussy where her four fingers have just been. Kelly runs her moist minge over Stormy's body and face. The picture fades.

He hands in his notice, but the picture has one last treat for the caretaker. Stormy sits at the top of a cascade awaiting his arrival. She strips and they have sex.

The film is beautifully made, erotic action in stylish, exquisitely-lit sets. As both the writer and director, Skye Blue got the best from the cast and matched their moods and actions to the story line. The only downside to the film is the length, at only 77 minutes it is a tad on the short side. A film to savour on a cold dark night.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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