< The Pussy Prowler

Director: Remington Steel
Notes: Strand SP020
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Strand.

Directed by Remington Steel.

The idea is that Remington prowls around at night with his new 'see in the dark' camera and spies on courting couples. The picture is mostly monochrome but clear.

1. He finds a couple in the back seat of a car at night in some country lane. The woman is giving the bloke a hand job. She has short light hair and is mature and not quite slim. The hand job proceeds to a bj and then she rides him. They get out of the car and he takes her doggy style. She spots Remington and invites him to get closer to get a better view. (The sound is a little out of sync.)

2. The prowler enters a hotel and goes upstairs. He goes into a suite where all is in darkness and, moving very quietly, he enters the bedroom where a couple are having sex on the bed. (Holly [2] aka Holly Bush and Chris News.) Anal, facial.

3. The prowler is back in the great outdoors again, exploring a wood at night. He finds an older amateur couple fucking in a car and then out of it. Again he is invited to get closer, gets a close up view of the final deep throat and asks if the bloke has cum in her mouth.

If peeping is your thing, then you should enjoy this. In spite of the darkness you do get a reasonably clear view of the action which is a big improvement on some tapes I've seen with a similar basis.

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