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Released: 2003
Director: Manuel Ferrara
Notes: Platinum Pictures
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Running time: 145 mins.

Manuel Ferrara and Platinum X have gathered six hot girls: Ashley Long, Flick Shagwell, Bella Marie Wolfe, Jasmine Lynn, Victoria and Miss Arroya for five steamy 30-minute scenes where the girls want more than their pussies plugged.

The film starts with Ashley Long, next to a pool in a black string top and matching pants, teasing two guys who want to fuck her by playing with her nipples and pussy. The three then move inside for some action. Ashley goes straight to work taking their cocks in her mouth, one at a time at first then both together. Turning to allow one guy access to her pussy she takes the other cock so deep down her throat it makes her eyes water. The guys swap ends and this time Ashley is taken in the arse. A long DP session follows where Ashley takes both guys standing, sitting and lying down. The scene ends with two loads of cum in the mouth and Ashley blowing spunky bubbles.

Scene 3 starts with Jasmine Lynn in large pink knickers lying on wooden decking, she is joined by Flick dressed in a red zipped basque, black panties and fishnet stockings. A guy who has been standing in the bushes wanking and watching the girls soon joins the two for some fun. He gives Jasmine's bum hole a good licking before sucking hard on Flick's pussy. The girls return the favour with mouthfuls of cock.

Flick is the first to get her pussy filled whilst Jasmine works her tongue on her clit. Jasmine then stands with one leg on the guy's shoulder to have her pussy pumped with Flick sticking her fingers up her arse. Flick bends over to be taken from behind in her bum while Jasmine licks her pussy and the dangling balls. It's then Jasmine's turn for the same treatment. The girls then 69 with the guy going from end to end to fuck their bum holes. Finally Flick takes the full load of cum in her mouth, but being a sharing girl she dribbles it over Jasmine's lips to taste.

Great performances all round and a well produced picture. With a 15-minute behind-the-scenes extra on the DVD there is almost 3 hours of viewing (more if you add in the trailers). Great value for money.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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