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Released: 2001
Director: Mike Freeman
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Mike Freeman

Now on DVD with superb picture quality.

Naughty Girls

The first segment stars Elizabeth Pearly and Kathy Kollwitz. They are seen wandering through a busy London street and being spotted by four lads who chat them up while they are sitting on a bench. We can't hear much of the dialogue and instead we hear, among the background music, the voice of one of the lads as if thinking aloud. The chat up is successful and the group wander through Soho and into a sex shop where they look at the products on display. Then they all travel out into the suburbs on a train. The girls submit to kissing and groping and flash their tits on the train. At their destination they go into a park and the lads get blowjobs and the girls get their pussies licked in the bushes. Then it's off to a flat for group sex. However this is dominated by oral sex and masturbation. There is lots of cock sucking and one of the lads is keen on licking pussy, but the vast majority of the fucking is done by Tommy Checker who is the only 'pro' stud among the lads. One of the other lads seems to leave the room half way through.

In some ways it is more erotic for the males obviously to be ordinary blokes as this contributes to the fantasy - it could be you! But there are also serious drawbacks which are evident here. However, the girls are very sexy and the public sex part of this scene is a definite turn-on.

We see more of this in three unrelated clips at the end of the segment all featuring Elizabeth Pearly. First she gives Tommy a blowjob on the tube. Then the two have sex together in a bedroom, including anal and facial. Finally, as the credits for this segment roll, we see her doing a striptease on a table among a crowd of lads. These are pretty sexy too, though looping pads out the main scene a bit.

Lipstick Lesbians

Lesbian scenes do nothing for me, so I'm not the best person to comment on the effectiveness of this except to say that both girls are fine, and I'd like to see more of them (already have in the case of Sandy). Sandy Moore (Sandie Caine) and Geeta Kara are seen putting on their make up. This proceeds to kissing and caressing, then pussy licking by both girls while one is sitting on a chair and then on a bed. We also see Geeta trimming her pubes. There is no dildo action.

woodgnome's view:

lipstick lesbians (22mins) featuring geeta kara & sandie caine.

the title seems to be an oblique reference to geeta putting on a bit of eyeliner at the beginning.

on a positive note the image quality has a natural look - always preferable to the overlit, shadow free, appearance of much adult material. unfortunately, the scene is otherwise bedevilled by poor angles and a low energy level, which manifests itself in static camera work and overlong shots.

proceedings kick off with some brief kissing, before geeta sits down in a chair to receive sandie's oral ministrations. this passage is rendered largely pointless, from an h/c perspective, as geetas upright posture in the seat renders the action down below, unviewable.

after a few minutes, geeta, still sitting down, performs oral on sandie as she stands before her. again, poor angles make this bit hard going. eventually, sandie sits down and finally, we are privy to an extended close up of geeta licking out sandie.

after a while the action moves to the bedroom. this part consists solely of geeta performing oral upon sandie. unfortunately, when it comes to eating pussy, geeta displays all the enthusiasm of an anorexic with a sore throat - dabbing away with her tongue, as if she sprained it licking too many envelopes. after a few minutes of this tedium the scene peters out, fading to black.

in summation, a wasted opportunity.

Swinging Couple

Angel-Long talks to camera and describes her relationship with Frazer. How he talks dirty to her and how they fantasize about her flashing at another man on the tube, picking him up and going back for a threesome. Dressed in black stockings and black PVC mini-dress with open side panels, she masturbates throughout. Then we see the fantasy acted out, though not precisely as described. She flashes her pussy on the tube with Frazer sitting next to her and fingering her, but we don't see who she flashes it too - a bit of context might have made this bit sexier. We then see them accosting Brad (Mike Chambers) on the street, supposedly the one she has just flashed on the tube. They ask him if he'd like a threesome and understandably he does not say no. We then see them on the tube sitting alongside each other with Angel in the middle on a side seat. Frazer gropes her again and tentatively Brad joins in, placing his hand on her thigh - this slow build up is very good. This carries on until both men are fingering her pussy and then she gets up and Frazer licks and fingers her from behind while she stoops and kisses Brad.

Indoors she strips and dresses up in her kinky gear in front of her new conquest. She fingers and dildos herself and Frazer licks and gropes her while Brad wanks his impressive erection. The dildo is used on her arse and then Frazer fucks her while she sucks Brad. He puts a condom on and she sits on his cock - reverse cowgirl anal. Doggy anal and simultaneous bj follow, then missionary anal, cowgirl DP and reverse cowgirl cock and dildo DP. She takes a facial from Frazer. Then they discuss things at the dinner table (she doesn't bother to dress for dinner - literally) and appear to go at it again. Brad cums into a glass - at the start she said she kept this as a souvenir, so we don't see her drink it.

This scene was a major turn on - excellent.

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