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Notes: Maxim
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  • Personal Close Up Footprint (PC)
Notes and Reviews

Maxim, distributed by Devlin Media.

Review copy courtesy of Phil McCavity.

This is a solo video and sometimes there is little to say about these beyond how the girls look and speak as the action tends to follow the same sequences even more than porn videos usually do.

  • Rebecca Lee in her blonde phase is discovered in a barn in a blue PVC top, short black PVC skirt and black PVC thigh boots. She strips, leaving the boots on, and looks fantastic. The background music is too loud in parts and what she says is sometimes inaudible. She lies back on a bale of hay and masturbates.
  • Suzi Jarman, in red dress and stockings, tells stories of what she got up to at the weekend. She strips and masturbates. Suzi has a very sexy voice, but the stories are pretty commonplace and she fluffs her lines a bit.
  • Tracy Williams drives into a yard, talking on her mobile. She strips and then dresses again in sexy gear alongside the car. Then she resumes the phone conversation and masturbates.
  • Shakina Shergold in a white PVC top, laced loosely down the front and thus revealing her pussy, stockings and heels, smokes and masturbates - at one point using the ciggy as a small dildo.

A cut above the usual girl lies on bed/couch solo action, but still a bit tame in my opinion, but then I'm not an aficionado of solo tapes.

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