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Released: 2001
Director: S. Taylor & Andre Madness
Notes: Digital Sin / New Sensations
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 89 mins.

Shot in soft focus and with gentle lighting, Panty Hoes 5 features Majella Shepard alongside the American girls Sunrise, Logan, Brie and Annmarie, in a film where the scenes start with the girl getting dressed. They pull on their pantyhose (tights) in various colours and hues only to have them ripped off to be shagged.

Majella fans will have to wait till the last scene to see her. Opening the French doors, she walks onto the patio in her white sun dress. She lets it slip down over her pert boobs then steps out of it. Standing in the sunshine she slowly caresses her body, ending with her hand on the crotch of her white tights. Back indoors, Majella sits as a guy undoes her shoes and licks at her toes. He moves up Majella's legs, ripping at the damp gusset in her tights to get to her wet cunt, his tongue working its way over her pussy and arse. Majella moans and giggles as her pussy lips are prised open and three fingers inserted. His trousers off, Majella takes the head of his cock in her mouth. Wrapping her lips around the shaft, she takes it further and further into her mouth. She turns onto her hands and knees and Majella's necklace swings as her pussy is slowly pumped from behind. She lifts her leg and the action gets harder and faster. Open mouthed, she slides down the guy's man hood then hammers away, his balls bouncing up against her clit. The two move to a chair where Majella lies back, legs open, to be pounded in the pussy. The guy extracts his juice-covered cock and fires his jizz all over Majella's feet.

With a running length of just under 90 minutes you may ask if this film is worth it. The scenes may be short but the build up, settings and camerawork are top quality, as are the girls. This is a gentle film where the action develops naturally, it also has some early work of the laughing and giggling Majella so it must be worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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