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Released: 2001
Notes and Reviews

Maxhardcore Productions, 2001

Jesse, Catalina & Rebekah Jordan [Kinky], Diamond LaRocce.

The first 9 mins. are taken up with disclaimers, safe sex and fast cut trailers; this is what the fast forward control is for. This is extreme sex, not to everyone's taste. All anal, except for fisting, and deep throat fucking, with the girls often gagging and retching, leaving their faces covered in goo and gunk - hopefully it's only copious amounts of saliva.

Scene 1: Jesse, 20mins.

Set in a large Californian open plan living area, with white tiled floors. The action taking place on a large yellow sofa. Jesse has been 'picked up' at the mall and promised to be made a 'model and star'. She is brunette with a pony tail, wearing a cropped semi transparent blue top, a pink miniskirt - no bra or panties - with short white socks and yellow platform shoes. Her tits are small and pert, and with Max's trade mark shaven pubis.

Max lifts her top and skirt and after some brief fondling. he takes his cock out of his shorts. Jesse rubs it and squats to suck it. Max forces it deep into her throat. We then see her on top of a sitting Max in a reverse anal cowgirl. Jesse is next seen lying on the sofa; her shoulders and head held back over the sofa arm as Max gives her a very deep 'throat fuck'. Soon all sorts of saliva and gunk coats her face. He moves so he can fuck her arse, with her legs held up and wide. Max alternates between throat fucking and anal. Jesse shows her gaping arse.

Again there is a sitting reverse anal cowgirl, followed by anal doggy style, with her leaning on the arm of the sofa, he stands on it. Then Max stands by her head - A2M - and more throat fucking. For some unknown reason Max puts lipstick on her (a little Max kink). He then wanks till he cums in her mouth, and she blows bubbles with it.

More flash cut trailers + how you can be a Max girl. 5mins.

Scene 2: Catalina & Rebekah Jordan (Kinky), 28mins.

We see Max walking with the two girls, before they enter his RV. RJ's in a strapless, flower patterned crop top and a pale blue thong; her blonde hair hangs free. Cat is in a pink & white crop top and a yellow thong; her brunette hair held in a pony tail with the same hair band as Jesse. She has an extremely annoying whiney, faux, little girl voice. Both are fully shaven.

Cat fondles RJ as Max fingers her arse. He bends RJ over, her hands on her knees and her thong pulled to one side. She is fucked in the arse, before brief A2M by Cat, then in RJ again. RJ kneels and gives a deep BJ, with Cat holding her hair back, for the benefit of the camera, then RJ's top is removed.

Max is on the sofa with Cat in a rev. anal cowgirl. RJ uses a dildo to DP her, then licks it and then Cat. She drips saliva on Max's cock and continues oral on Cat, then A2M, and a BJ. This is repeated. RJ has never been throat fucked. Max gets a deep BJ from RJ, then Cat demos being throat fucked. Cat leans back over the edge of the sofa and Max throat fucks her - lots of gagging sounds. RJ sits over Cat in a '69 position. Then RJ is arse fucked and then its Cat's turn. RJ squats by Cat's head and uses an orange dildo to throat fuck her. Max forces it even further, and RJ follows his lead. Cat nearly falls off the sofa, so she is pulled onto the sofa for a cowgirl anal. RJ sits next to them.

Cat makes a phone call (why?) and her voice becomes more normal, as Max continues the arse fucking. RJ uses the dildo on her arse. Cat is now in a rev. anal cowgirl.

RJ now lays over the side of the sofa and Max drips lube into her mouth which she swallows. Max pushes in deep, there's gagging, as he continues, and she retches, as her face is drenched in mucous and saliva. Meanwhile, Cat is giving her a four finger fisting. RJ asks to be fucked in the arse and as they move to a rev. anal cowgirl, Max tells her not to wipe her face as its sexy! As she is fucked, Cat uses a dildo to DP our English lass.

RJ lays on the sofa, with Cat on top. Max arse fucks Cat, again she makes a phone call. Max interrupts the call to throat fuck her, then it's back to her arse. Max sits and Cat gets a rev. anal cowgirl, with her feet on his thighs. RJ is on the floor with her head close to Max's balls and Cat's cunt. Max cums in Cat, and they try to drip the cum into RJ's mouth. Fluid is transferred and Cat gargles. RJ sucks from her mouth and gargles and swallows. On the screen pops a disclaimer - 'That was water, in case you were wondering'.

More scenes of a boat harbour and motor racing. Max say's he's looking for babes at the docks.

Scene 3: Diamond LaRocce, 17mins.

On his phone in his SUV, he finds the girl he's booked has dropped out, so when he notices a girl, he picks her up. Max in the back of the SUV, he gets the girl to climb into the back with him. The film goes into FF, and we see Max fondle her, she wanks him, a BJ, finger fucking, and a rev. anal cowgirl.

Back in the room from scene one. Diamond wears a green, string strap dress with a blue and yellow print; underneath are yellow panties. Her hair is black and there is a small tattoo on the left of her tiny tits. She is thrown on to the yellow sofa, then he slaps her arse and puts lipstick on her. She takes off her panties. Max gets his cock out and she lifts her dress. After wanking Max, he gets a BJ; he uses his hand to force his cock deeper, causing her to gag. Sitting on the sofa, he tells her to put some shoes on, as he strips. He fucks her arse, before laying on the sofa and fucks her arse in a spoon position. He tells her he'll pay for her to bring her friends to be fucked, especially her younger sister. They move to a rev. anal cowgirl. As it's Max, he soon positions her head back over the arm of the sofa, and gives her a throat fucking, again causing gagging. He lays her on other end of the sofa, for more arse fucking before more throat fucking - and more gagging. Her make-up is smeared over her face and goo covered.

Sitting with her dress off for a rev. anal cowgirl, Max uses an orange dildo for a DP - strangely with a doll duct taped to the end - she takes over and Max lubes his cock and puts it back up her arse.

Sitting on the floor, Max tells her to take off her socks (?) and then wanks till he cums into her mouth.

The film ends with 5 mins of more flash trailers.

While the straight anal sex is fine, I don't see anything arousing in seeing girls gagging and, in some of his films, regurgitating. Seeing an otherwise very pretty girl's face covered in various body fluids, also does nothing for me, but there is a market for this type of work. As long as the girls know what to expect, it's up to them. So, why did I buy it? I'm a fan of RJ's work and she has said she enjoyed working with Mr Steiner. So, I was curious as to how extreme she would be. I don't think I'd buy the other two film with Mr S and RJ - 'Planet Max 9' and 'Fists of Fury 2'.

Review by BFU

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