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Very variable natural lighting in first scene.

Poison is a very slim, light-skinned black girl with a distinctive face, not conventionally pretty.

We first see her sitting at her office desk being interviewed about her sex life. Then she strips, pours water over her tits and uses a dildo on herself.

Next we see her showing a potential renter of office space around. He is dubious about the quality of the facilities and she persuades him of its merits by seducing him with a blowjob and a fuck.

She gets a new job and goes for a masturbatory break in the ladies where she is watched by a male cleaner. She accosts him and persuades him to go down on her.

Later, at her desk, her boss tells her off for slacking. The cleaner comes in after the boss leaves and she gives him a blowjob. They are discovered by the boss who hauls them off to his office to get their cards. She persuades him to change his mind in her usual manner - she gives him a show by using a dildo on herself and then the cleaner goes down on her again. The boss then gets a blow job and both men fuck her. There are no real cumshots however.

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