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Released: 1995 (2003 for DVD)
Director: Frank Thring and others
Notes: Private
  • Kirsten same scene different edit as Private Castings 2
Notes and Reviews

Scene 3 - 'Fuck on Wood' - features a British girl whom I'm sure I've seen before who is called Kathy in the scene. She is slim with short mousy hair and tattoos on her left upper arm and behind her right armpit. This scene is set in a boatyard where four men are working sawing wood etc. The boss has to leave but he says he will get Kathy to bring them drinks (from later dialogue it appears she is his daughter). She comes in with a tray, dressed in a grey woolly jumper above cut-off denim shorts, and they start to chat her up and fondle her. She mildly objects claiming she is a virgin and she will tell her dad, but soon gives in and allows them to pull up her jumper and fondle her tits and to place her hands on their erections. This leads to a hot gang bang scene which is all the better for the slow build up and dialogue, both is far too rare in Private videos. This includes anal in spoon and reverse cowgirl positions, reverse cowgirl DP while sucking the third guy's cock and, very briefly a DP the other way round before the guy up her arse withdraws and cums over it. The other two then give her facials.

A different cut of this scene appears in Private Castings 2. In both films she is credited as Kirsten on iafd.

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