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Notes and Reviews

Dinovision, but probably French, dubbed into German

Suraya Jamal, Debby, Sonja, Frederique plus males.

'Plot' centres on an art lesson where the students are supposed to draw their fantasies based on two nude models, one male, one female.

  • Brunette draws an erect penis and fantasises about herself having sex with the male model or the lecturer (not sure which)
  • Blonde draws a vagina from holding a mirror to her own and fantasises about a lesbian scene with the female model
  • A Chinese or Vietnamese-looking student arrives late - Suraya Jamal. She is apparently unable to generate a fantasy to draw and is taken off by the lecturer to have sex with a male who is discovered in bed. She briefly sucks off the lecturer. Anal, facial
  • The male student fantasises about having sex with the female model in a threesome with the male model. DP, one facial
  • The male and female models begin to have sex as the students leave for a break and the credits roll

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